Multicast Manager

Multicast Manager lets you manage multicast traffic within your network environment. This includes the identification and monitoring of all multicast groups, sources, receivers, and other critical sources like rendezvous point (RP) routers.
Multicast Manager discovers and models Cisco and Juniper devices that support Multicast traffic. Once these devices are discovered, Multicast Manager provides several views which let you monitor the connectivity and performance of these Multicast elements. These views offer details relating to Multicast groups, sources, receivers, routers, and RPs and their relationships to each other.
The information provided in the Multicast Manager views makes troubleshooting Multicast-related outages much more efficient. You can isolate a problem quickly because you can determine the group a receiver belongs to, the RP of the group, the source for the group, the routers and interfaces that a group uses, and the configuration and bandwidth limits of these interfaces. Based on this information, you can prioritize your troubleshooting efforts should multiple problems occur.
If you purchase a multicast service or a data feed from an external service and you do not have access to the source to obtain its status, Multicast Manager provides you with the ability to create a proxy to the source or you can configure Multicast Manager to exclude the unmanageable source’s status in group condition calculation.
Multicast Manager View
You can access Multicast Manager from the Explorer tab of the Navigation panel in the OneClick Console. When you expand the Multicast Manager folder, all of the groups managed by Multicast Manager are listed. When you expand each group, the routers and sources contained in the Multicast Group are listed.
Once the physical components of your multicast network are modeled in 
CA Spectrum
, you can use Multicast Manager to discover your multicast devices. You can then navigate to or search for these multicast elements in OneClick. The Contents panel and Component Detail panel provide configurations, alarms, events, and other information for a selected Multicast element.
The following shows the Multicast Manager view:
Multicast Manager View
 For more information about modeling your network, see the 
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