Features and Enhancements

What's New in CA Spectrum 10.3.2
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This release includes the following features and enhancements: 
SSL support for the Spectrum Overview Dashboard
CA Spectrum 10.3.2 introduces support for a secure communication from Spectrum Overview Dashboard to SRM Server. This feature allows Spectrum users to have both HTTPS and HTTP option for the Spectrum Overview Dashboard. For more information, see the SSL for the Spectrum Overview Dashboard page. 
Enablement of TrapX in SDC - SNMPv3 Support
CA Spectrum 10.3.2 supports the new TrapX feature, that filters and forwards v1, v2, v3 traps to different products. The Secure Domain Connector (SDC) can be configured to work as the TrapX, filtering and pushing out out v1, v2 and v3 traps to the mentioned destination, and converting the v2 to v1 and v3 to v1 translations. For more information about enabling the SDC support for TrapX and configuring filters, see the section on SDC TrapX Support.
VNA Integration
Cisco Meraki Support 
Virtual Network Assurance and Spectrum 10.3.2 release supports the modeling of Cisco Meraki devices (Cloud Controller and Access Points) and the proactive monitoring and managing of wireless networks. The monitoring information is provided by VNA, whereas, Spectrum relies on the inventory data from VNA to monitor and manage Meraki devices. For more information about the alarms, events, topology, fault correlation, see the Support for Cisco Meraki page. 
AWS Monitoring Support
CA Spectrum 10.3.2 models the inventory in AWS  and displays the events on the AWS entities through the VNA plugin. CA Spectrum monitors the tunnels on the VPN connection in the AWS Monitoring Network between the Virtual Private Gateway and the Customer Gateway through VNA notifications. For more information about the hierarchy, topology, alarm details, and fault correlation, see the Support for AWS Network Monitoring section.
Quality Enhancements
LDAP authentication - Primary LDAP Query Authentication Enhancement
CA Spectrum 10.3.2 now includes, a community winning idea for an improved user experience. The CA Spectrum login authentication is now the primary authentication for allowed users who have enabled the LDAP integration. If the initial Spectrum login authentication fails, then the LDAP authentication takes place as the secondary authentication. Spectrum super users are by default, allowed to log in with their CA Spectrum password, regardless of an LDAP account or the LDAP server availability.
Spectrum Self Health Monitoring or Self Healing
With this release users can benefit from the newly introduced 'Self - Healing' feature that monitors the health of the SpectroSERVER. This feature ensures SpectroSERVER runs smoothly in adverse conditions such as faulty devices, interface issues, CPU and memory hassles. See this page under the SpectroSERVER Performance Administration.
Trap Processing with multiple v3 profiles with the same user id
Previously, Spectrum had multiple v3 profiles with the same username, and unmanaged traps with that username did not get processed by SpectroSERVER. With this release, multiple v3 profiles with the same username, and unmanaged v3 traps with that username are processed by SpectroSERVER, if the exact v3 local profile is present. Refer to the TrapX in SDC - SNMPV3 section.
Device Search for All Uncertified SysOIDS
This release introduces the 'All Uncertified SysOIDS' of devices under the Locater Search tab, that provides the list of all uncertified SysOIDs modeled in Spectrum. Previously the device certification tool provided a consolidated list of all certified and uncertified SyOIDs, and with this improved locator search option, users can now fetch only the uncertified SysOIDs and submit the certification request at once. See this page under the Certifications section. 
OneClick WebApp (beta) Improvements 
CA Spectrum 10.3.2 now ensures that the OneClick WebApp port is updated to 9443 if it is available, or to any other available port. For more of such improvements, see the OneClick WebApp (beta) page. 
Out of the Box Reports
The 'Out of the Box Report' available for users in this release is the SLA Details by SLA Name, for more details and description about this report, refer to the Available Out of the Box Reports and Domains page.
NCM Self Certification - Ability to search for keywords in NCM configurations
CA Spectrum 10.3.2 introduces 'Configuration Search' a new search filter for NCM devices, which is based on parsing a sub-string value to span all device configurations from a device family and/or from a global search. This enhancement address challenges for regular search operations for configurations, route, interface description, or other global parameter such as Log settings, AAA, SNMP, ACL, and others. For more information about the search categories and options, see the NCM Enhancement - Configuration Search page. 
Locator Search Query to list all Switches
From Spectrum 10.3.2 onwards, a new locator search query is introduced under 'chassis' that displays all switches in the selected landscapes, including the details of the members  of the stack devices. Users can also search for devices based on name, IP, model and serial Number under All Switches filter. For more information on All Switches filters see the section on Support For Chassis Devices.
NCM Policies Improvements
Improvements to the existing "Launch Repair Dialog" on the NCM Manager Policies have been made. To know more, see the section Repair Non-Compliant Devices from the Policy Table on the Network Configuration Manager Policies page.  
Support for  NG-TAS in Spectrum 
CA Spectrum 10.3.2 onwards, topology data is pushed to NG-TAS. Username and Password fields on the Topology Store Configuration have been replaced by the Bearer feild, that generates a bearer token. For more information on the configuration details, refer to the Topology Store Configuration section on the OneClick Administration Page
Syncing tunnels and paths using SDN_ID from Spectrum to PC
CA Spectrum 10.3.2 release introduces the SD-WAN monitored items such as Tunnels and SLA Paths that are reconciled in NetOps across Spectrum and Performance Management. This feature allows users to drill-down to context pages from performance alarms as well as to ensure performance threshold events that are associated with the SDN_ Tunnel or SLA_Paths in Spectrum and the alarm console. For more information refer to the CA Performance Management and CA Spectrum page. 
Platform Updates
Third party Software Updates
  • MySQL Workbench 8.0.15
  • Apache Tomcat 9.0.14
  • Struts 2.5.20
  • WebSwing 2.5.10
  • CAPKI 5.2.5
  • Apache httpd 2.4.35
  • JRE 8.192
  • Cygwin 2.11.2
  • RHEL 7 Container - 7.4
  • MYSQL backup - 4.1.2
  • JSON - 00002090_12
To obtain a PDF copy of the TPSRs raised this release, see the Third-Party Software License Acknowledgements page.
CA Spectrum 10.3.2 and the versions beyond this release will not support the WebClient feature. Kindly contact support for any queries.
Device Certification Updates
Select here to see the full list of devices that are certified in CA Spectrum 10.3.2.