CA Embedded Entitlements Manager and CA Spectrum

About the CA Spectrum Integration with CA Embedded Entitlements Manager
Single Sign-On is a separate component that uses the CA Embedded Entitlements Manager (CA EEM) solution. It is not configured as part of the CA Spectrum installation. Instead, you must activate it after you install CA Spectrum by modifying configuration settings from the Administration pages on the OneClick server.
Intended Audience
The How to Configure CA Spectrum/CA EEM Integration section is intended for administrators who want to set up authorization access for CA Spectrum with CA EEM. The CA Spectrum integration with CA EEM addresses the need for fine-grained access control to CA Spectrum enterprise applications and other applications integrated with CA Spectrum.
Before using this section to integrate CA Spectrum with CA EEM, you should have knowledge about CA Spectrum user management and you should be familiar with the OneClick Administration pages. No special knowledge of CA EEM is required to specify integration parameters from the CA Spectrum environment. However, some knowledge of user management such as user creation and integration with LDAP (for registering CA Spectrum users in CA EEM) is required in the CA EEM environment.