CA Spectrum and Service Desk Integrations


In this release, CA Spectrum enables integration with third party service desks (apart from the existing CA Service Desk Manager integration), by adopting an enhanced integration framework acting as an intermediary between CA Spectrum and the Service Desk(s) which is part of the CA Spectrum 10.3 install package. The installation is part of the Spectrum install and the default Integration Parameters are auto-configured, when you enable this integration.
We recommend using this integration capability only for fresh installations of CA Spectrum.
You can select and configure the Service Desk application as well as enable the integration with CA Spectrum from the OneClick Administration Pages. 
The new integration enables better communication between the operations center and the service desk, helping automate an efficient workflow process, reduce mean-time-to-resolution, and, lower overall management costs. This integration provides automated and real-time updates as problems are triaged and resolved. We get real-time visibility into the current status of problem conditions.  This integration framework also supports policy-based automated alarm ticket submission, and on-demand ticket submission from the CA Spectrum OneClick.
By default, CA Spectrum uses polling mechanism to get the ticket update (Assignee and Status) information from the configured Service Desk, based on your configuration in 
OneClick Administration
 Page > 
Service Desk Configuration
Integration Parameters
 section > 
: You can configure notifications to OneClick from ServiceNow. See Configuring OneClick notifications from ServiceNow
The enhanced integration framework for integrating CA Spectrum with Third party Service Desk applications is not supported on Solaris Operating System.
The CA Spectrum r10.3 allows you to integrate with the following Service Desk applications, in addition to CA Service Desk Manager:
  • BMC Remedy ITSM
  • ServiceAide
  • HP ServiceManager
  • ServiceNow 
You cannot configure any other Service Desk application if you have already integrated CA Service Desk Manager with CA Spectrum on the same OneClick Server.
If you have already integrated CA Spectrum with CA Service Desk Manager, you need to disable the integration and remove the entries, from the OneClick Administration Page > Service Desk Configuration > Service Desk Servers table, as displayed below.Service Desk Servers.png 
Currently, the integration supports incident creation, update and assignment from both the Service Desk interface as well as the CA Spectrum OneClick Console.
The following features are supported: 
  • Incident Creation / Submit Service Desk Ticket
  • Launch in Context for Service Desk ticket created in Spectrum
  • Incident Assignment (Add/Update Assignee)
  • Close / Resolve Incident / Tickets. (Reflects immediately on CA Spectrum, fetches the data from the Service Desk based on polling interval)