Launch CA App Experience Analytics (AXA) Dashboard

The CA Spectrum WebClient allows you to view log analytics for selected alarms through CA App Experience Analytics (AXA) integration. The Dashboard helps you to visualize and investigate network issues with CA Spectrum WebClient. 
The AXA Log Analytics provides the following benefits for users of CA Spectrum WebClient:
  •  In Context launch from CA Spectrum Webclient to CA AXA Log Analytics dashboard to provide 360-degree information about the fault device.
  • Data backed actionable insights for an assisted triage to reduce time to troubleshoot and resolve issues.
CA Spectrum and CA App Experience Analytics (AXA) Integration
As a CA Spectrum administrator, you can integrate the CA App Experience Analytics (AXA) with CA Spectrum.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open the CA Spectrum OneClick Administration page from OneClick Client
  2. Click the Administration tab.
  3. Select the 'AXA Configuration' from the Administration page list.
  4. Type the AXA Server URL and Click 'Save'. 
    The configuration is saved in the Spectrum database.
    If you grade CA Spectrum to a latest version, you must reconfigure the Analytics Server URL to make the integration work.
Launch CA App Experience Analytics (AXA) from WebClient
After the integration, you can launch the AXA Log Analytics Dashboard from Spectrum WebClient.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open the CA Spectrum WebClient
  2. Select an alarm from the Alarms pane.
  3. Click the AXA Log Analytics button.png button to launch the log analytics for the selected alarm.
    The AXA Log Analytics login screen is opened in a separate window. 
  4. Log in to the AXA server with the following information:
    Username, Password - Specifies the username and password for the AXA server.
    Tenant ID - Specifies the Tenant ID provided to access the AXA server.
  5. Monitor the log analytics dashboards for the alarm that is selected in the WebClient.
  6. The dashboard shows information for one hour window ahead of the selected alarm's timestamp.
    The CA Spectrum 10.2.1 supports CA App Experience Analytics 16.4 and 16.4.1 versions. To learn more about CA Spectrum Dashboards in CA App Experience Analytics, see CA App Experience Analytics 16.4/16.4.1 documentation.