WebClient Accessibility Features

CA Technologies is committed to ensuring that all customers, regardless of ability, can successfully use its products and supporting documentation to accomplish vital business tasks. This section outlines the accessibility features that are part of CA Spectrum WebClient.
To provide a better user experience and improve product accessibility, we have enabled accessibility features for Spectrum WebClient. As part of the accessibility updates, the severity icons are modified for color and labels. The labels of the icons helps you to see or read the text even if the icons are not rendered. 
WebClient Enhancements
CA Spectrum WebClient offers accessibility enhancements in the following areas:
Labels for images
The images are enhanced to include labels, which inform the state of the icon. Labels allow you to read out the state of the icon when you use screen reader software for WebClient navigation. 
Enhanced Icons
Enhanced the alarm severity icons in WebClient to represent the alarm status. The color of the icons represents the alarm severity: minor, major, and critical. 
Alarm Dashboard icons: 
Until 10.2.1
Severity icons 10.2.1.png
From 10.2.2
Severity icons.PNG
Alarm Tab toolbar icons: 
Until 10.2.1
Tool bar buttons 10.2.1.png
From 10.2.2
Tool bar buttons.png
Navigate WebClient using Keyboard
WebClient navigation is enhanced to enable the motor-skill-impaired users to navigate by keyboard, using the mouse, or instead of mouse.  Using the keyboard short cuts, you can perform the following actions in WebClient. 
Navigation Task
Keyboard Shortcut
Select Alarms
Space bar
Navigate through left menu (Global Collection Hierarchy)
Up/Down arrows to upper and lower levels.
Left/Right rows to expand and collapse.
Home/End buttons to navigate to the first and last level of the tree.
Enter to select.
Navigate through WebClient
Access components such as User Settings, Preferences. 
Tab, then press Enter 
Exit from the selection
Select check box
Space bar
Select multiple rows in Alarms Tab
Cntl + Space bar
Open hyperlinks in portlets
Tab, then press Enter
Access drop-down lists
Tab, then press Up/Down arrow
Screen Reader support in WebClient
Starting from 10.2.2 release, the Spectrum WebClient is equipped with screen reader support. For this, aria labels are incorporated in WebClient, which help the screen reader software to navigate through the application and read out the current state of each and every element.