WebClient Preferences

You can set certain configurations of the WebClient page as your preferences. When you log in again, WebClient loads with those preferences. Use the preferences button.png button to set your preferences for the WebClient page and Alarm Table Column.
These 'Preferences' are applicable for both Alarms and Topology panes.
  • To apply the preferences in the current session, click Apply. When you click Apply, the WebClient page reloads with new settings and your preferences are saved for the next session.
  • To apply the preferences in the next session or after a page reload, click Save.
  • To apply the default preferences in the current session, click Reset.
WebClient Preferences
Click the Webclient Preferences button.png button to set the WebClient preferences. You can set the following preferences:
Enter the number of alarms to be retrieved and displayed by WebClient for any filter, in this box. You can type any value in the range of 1 to 50,000. This configuration is also applicable to the severity count icons in the 
Alarms Dashboard
. This value is not applicable to the 
Latest 100 Alarms
Default Value
: 10,000
  • Suppose, you entered 12000 in this box and clicked 
    . In this case, when you select any filter in the Filters pane, WebClient retrieves up to 12000 alarms of that category and displays them in the Alarms pane.
  • Suppose, you entered 12000 in this box and clicked 
    . In this case, when you click a severity count icon in the 
    Alarms Dashboard
    , WebClient retrieves up to 12000 alarms of that severity and displays them in the Alarms pane.
Maintenance alarms
Select this check box to view maintenance alarms.
Alarm Filter
Select this check box to save the alarm filter that you selected in alarms tab as your preference for the next session. When you launch WebClient again, it displays the alarms based on that selected alarm filter. If that saved alarm filter is deleted or not available to you in OneClick, WebClient displays alarms based on the 
Latest 100 Alarms
 filter in the next session.
Row Color
Select this check box to apply the severity color on alarm rows in the alarms pane. 
The color coding for the alarms as follows:
Critical - Red
Major - Orange
Minor - Yellow
Show/Hide Windows
Clear the check box for Alarm Details, Impact, Neighbor Topology, or the Device Details to close that pane. All the three panes close immediately without a page reload.
By default this check box is selected and the pagination applied to the Alarms Table. Clear the check box to remove the pagination and display all alarms in one page.
Page length 
Select a value from this drop-down to set the number of alarms that are shown in one page of the Alarms pane. The Page Length drop-down is enabled only when the Paging check box is selected. 
When you face any problem with WebClient, select the required log level (trace, info, debug, warning, or error) from the drop-down.
Alarm Table Column Preferences
The Alarm Table Column Preferences window allows you to select or clear the alarm table columns to the Alarms Table and save column order. 
Click the Alarm Table Preferences.png button to open the Alarm Table Column preferences window. These alarm columns are in sync with OneClick client. It displays the alarm columns that are available to you in OneClick. The newly added alarm attributes in the alarm-table-config.xml file, are displayed as columns in the Alarm Table Column Preferences. You can update the alarm table column preferences through WebClient and the same preferences are applicable to OneClick client.
Save Column Order 
As a WebClient user, you can save the order of the Alarm Table columns. Saving the column order allows you to persist changes with respect to the user logged in. To save the column order configured in WebClient, select the Column Order check box in the Alarm Table Column Preferences window. The Column Order configured in OneClick client for the user/group is retained in WebClient. The Column Order saved in WebClient updates the OneClick client Column Order. You can retrieve the default “Column Order” from “alarm-table-config.xml” file.
Create Custom Attributes 
You can create and add custom attributes in OneClick and see them in the Alarm Table Column Preferences of WebClient. To know how to create and add custom alarm attributes in OneClick, see Customizing OneClick Alarms.
Show Custom Attributes in Alarm Table
Using the Alarm Table Column Preferences window, you can show or hide the attributes in the Alarm Table. Select or clear the alarm attributes check box to view or hide them in the Alarm table. For more information see, Update Alarm Table Column section.
Click Apply to apply the changes by reloading the page with applied preferences. Click Save to apply the changes in the next session or after the page reload.