Service Manager

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 Service Manager is a tool that provides the capability to monitor and manage IT infrastructure that is based on the business services that it provides. Rather than managing a collection of network devices, servers, and applications; you can organize and manage these elements based on how they provide or support specific services. 
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 service models offer visibility on how the infrastructure elements affect the availability of the business services. This visibility aids in prioritizing infrastructure faults that are based on their impact on business services, and highlighting weaknesses in the environment.
The Service Manager application includes a comprehensive set of tools for creating, managing, and monitoring business services, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and service customer models in 
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. Leveraging 
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 fault-management capabilities, Service Manager provides real-time and historical insight into the status of your service management components. It also provides a suite of reports for all service management components which can be generated with the 
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 Report Manager application.
You can manage and monitor Service Manager components in the following interfaces:
  • The OneClick Console provides administrative personnel complete access to Service Manager configuration editors and service management models.
  • The Service Dashboard provides service providers and customers access to status views of service management models and service outage management tools.
  • The Service Level Manager portlet, which can be incorporated into the Unicenter Management Portal (UMP), provides summary status information about services, SLAs, and customers to Unicenter users with secure access to Service Manager models.
Service Manager lets you extend your infrastructure management capabilities beyond the per-device and per-application level. It provides you with the tools to build mechanisms that let IT-service providers and customers validate service availability and performance.