Export Topology Views

Some OneClick views, such as the Topology view, the Neighbors Topology view, and the Link Information view, can be exported outside
DX NetOps Spectrum
You can now export the topology in XML and PNG formats. You can import the topology to third-party imaging applications supported by mxGraph (for example, draw.io) and change the topology based on your requirements. You can then export the updated topology to any supported output formats of that third-party imaging application.
  • The image is saved according to the current zoom level in the view.
  • To get clearer and bigger images, zoom the topology before exporting it.
  • Only the model name and device type are displayed along with the image.
  • Overlapping images are not shown properly.
Follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the entity that has a topology image.
  2. Select the desired topology or container in the Navigation panel.
  3. Click the Topology tab.
  4. Click (Export View to PNG or XML) SPEC--export_ICO.
    The Save As dialog opens. By default, the topology is saved in PNG format.
  5. Perform one of the following tasks:
    1. In Console: enter the desired file name and select
      as the file type from the
      Save as type
    2. In WebApp: enter the desired file name and the file extension as
  6. Select a location to save the file and click
    The topology is exported to the specified location.
You can now import the saved XML file to a third-party imaging application, re-arrange the topology, and export it to any supported file format.
The default setting for image size to export is 640x480 pixels. You can create a large image when exporting the Topology view (4000x4000 pixels or larger). Excessive size can cause an out-of-memory error in OneClick. Reduce the size of the image that you are exporting by zooming out in the Topology view. Consult your OneClick administrator to increase your client memory settings.