Uncertified Devices

Uncertified Devices
The current release simplifies the certification of uncertified OIDs to an existing model type. The device certification tool has a new option to import CSV files. The CSV file must have the mapping of the OIDs to be certified and model type. Importing the CSV updates the device certification tool with the new OID and corresponding model type. Previously, the device certification tool provided a consolidated list of all certified and uncertified SyOIDs. With this improved search option in this release, you can now fetch only the uncertified devices and self-certify those devices.
Ensure that you add the
SNMP Community String
options of the GnSNMP devices under the VNM Model, AutoDiscovery Control, Modeling and Protocol Options.
Simplified Certification
Self-Certify the Uncertified Devices
From 10.4.1, you can import the uncertified devices and can certify them yourself instead of waiting for the next version of
DX NetOps Spectrum
to release a new list of certified devices.
Follow these steps:
  1. Ensure that you import the uncertified devices from the CSV file provided by Product Management.
    For more information, see the
    Import the Uncertified Devices
    section in Device Mapping.
  2. Right-click the
    Uncertified Devices
    option in Locater and select
    DX NetOps Spectrum
    lists the uncertified devices in the dialog and prompts you to confirm the certification.
  3. Click
    to certify.
    DX NetOps Spectrum
    identifies all the GnSNMP devices for which the model type has been updated with the import, deletes them and recreates.
    Manually created connections are lost and must be recreated.