Set Topology View Edit Mode Preferences

You can set preferences to specify how you want Edit mode to behave.
You can set preferences to specify how you want Edit mode to behave.
To set topology view Edit mode preferences
  1. Click View, Preferences.
    The Set Preferences dialog opens.
  2. Expand the Topology Tab folder in the Name column.
  3. Click any of the following options to make changes:
    • Annotation Font
      Specifies the default font settings for topology annotation text. You can modify font, style, size, and background and foreground colors.
    • Grid Properties
      Specifies the following settings for the grid that can appear in the Topology tab in Edit mode:
      • Show grid:
        Set the size of the grid squares using the value displayed using the Show grid option. Decreasing the value decreases the size of the grid squares, while increasing the value increases the size of the grid squares.
      • Snap to grid:
        Enables snap-to-grid while the topology view is in Edit mode, making it easier to align modeled device icons in the topology view.
    • Initial Zoom
      Specifies the zoom behavior for topology views when they are first shown.
    • Show Pipe Label
      Specifies whether you want to show pipe labels in the topology view.
  4. Click OK.
    Your changes are saved and the Set Preferences dialog closes.
You can also set these preferences in the Background Editor dialog.