Test Hosts

test host
 is a model of a device or software agent that supports one or more performance tests for IT services. 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 creates a test host model of type RTM_TestHost during model discovery for each device that Service Performance Manager supports.
Some examples of test host devices and agents are a Cisco router, a Sun Workstation running iAgent, and a 
Supported devices and agents must be modeled with read/write community strings to run Service Performance Manager tests. Attempts to run tests on test hosts (except for
s) that are not modeled with a read/write community string cause an alarm on the test host model.
Configure the Application Model
You can configure the community string of the application model that Service Performance Manager uses. For example, you want to create the device model with a read-only community string. In such a case, you can configure the community string of the Service Performance Manager application model.
Performance Agents and MIBs list tests that are supported by the performance agents and the associated
DX NetOps Spectrum
application model type. For more information, see Performance Agents and MIBs.
Follow these steps:
  1. Click the Locater tab.
  2. Expand the Application Models folder.
  3. Double-click the By Device IP Address field, and enter the device IP address.
  4. Filter and select the appropriate application model.
    For example, for Cisco IP SLA supporting hosts, enter CiscoRTTMonApp.
  5. Click the Attributes tab.
  6. Filter for the Community_Name.
  7. Select Community_Name/0x10024 and select the right arrow.
    The attribute appears in the right panel.
  8. Double-click to select and change the value.
    The community string of the application model is now configured.