Tune OneClick to Improve Performance

Once you have determined the reasons for degraded sp performance, tune the OneClick to improve performance by taking the following steps:
Once you have determined the reasons for degraded 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 performance, tune the OneClick to improve performance by taking the following steps:
  • Modifying the polling interval and poll-to-log ratio of essential device models and application models. Disabling polling of non-essential models. These changes reduce the network traffic and the resulting latency that affect performance.
      Polling interval
      : The time interval in seconds at which the OneClick reads all device model attributes that are flagged as POLLED.
      Poll-to-log ratio
      : The number of OneClick device polls that occur prior to logging the attributes that are flagged as LOGGED. The default value is 0 (logging is disabled).
    Polling and logging create the primary workload for OneClick. Changes to polling and logging can have a significant impact on performance. To see the best performance, poll and log only required data.
  • Increasing the capacity of the system by increasing memory, CPU speed, or disk space.
  • Reducing the number of traps that are mapped to 
    DX NetOps Spectrum
  • Reducing the amount of data that is requested by customized watches and displayed attributes. As a result, less data is requested from the OneClick and devices.
  • Adjusting usage of features such as Live Pipes, Discovery, and automatic device configuration.
  • Adjusting client interactions with OneClick. For example, reports that are generated using 
    DX NetOps Spectrum
     Report Manager can exert a punctuated or prolonged performance burden on the server. The load depends on what is reported and how often the reports are run. Command Line Interface (CLI) scripts, manual discoveries, and other manually-initiated tasks can also affect OneClick performance.
 This chapter provides information about configuring polling for device and application models. For other suggested measures to improve OneClick performance, contact CA Support.