Fresh Install

Install the latest version of
DX NetOps Spectrum
to manage your underlying IT infrastructure effectively. In this article, you can learn about system requirements, Windows and Linux prerequisites, SRAdmin install, post-installation tasks, and so on.
DX NetOps Spectrum
for the first time?
DX NetOps Spectrum
with its various components, dramatically simplifies IT management by linking applications and services to the network for detailed traffic analysis, flows, and performance. This section provides you with a detailed step-by-step guide to install
DX NetOps Spectrum
Installation Process
The following diagram shows the overall process:
Installation Flow
The tasks outlined in the diagram are as follows:
  1. Review the system requirements and set up considerations to learn more about memory, processor speeds, and disk space.
  2. Review the SpectroSERVER, OneClick Server and Client system requirements for Windows and Linux.
    To launch the OneClick Console and OneClick add-on applications, Install JRE for Windows and Linux.
  3. Review the prerequisites page for the opted operating system such as Windows and Linux to set up the administrator privileges, user account controls, network, and security settings.
  4. Install SRAdmin (through either GUI or silent mode on the selected operating system) to install
    DX NetOps Spectrum
    in a distributed environment or remotely before installing
    DX NetOps Spectrum
    on the select operating systems.
  5. Install
    DX NetOps Spectrum
    on Windows and Linux.
Additional Information
Learn more about installing
DX NetOps Spectrum
Report Manager and Unified Dashboards and Reporting for Infrastructure Management.