Create a Guarantee for a Service, Sub-Service, or Resource Monitor

You can create a guarantee for a service, a sub-service, or a resource monitor.
Follow these steps:
  1. Click the SLAs tab, select the SLA for which you want to create the guarantee, click the Guarantees tab, and then click the Create button.
    The Create Guarantee dialog appears.
  2. Specify the following guarantee properties:
      Guarantee Name
      Identifies the guarantee model.
      Specifies whether the guarantee is Enabled or Disabled during the current SLA period. When you disable a guarantee, it does not accumulate outage time during the SLA period. Generally a guarantee is created in the disabled state if SLA and the services it guarantees are still be defined. However, there may be scenarios where due to alterations of a specific service it makes sense to periodically disable one of more guarantees.
      Guarantee Type
      Specifies the type of guarantee: Availability or Response Time.
      Outage Type
      Specifies whether the guarantee accumulates Down or Degraded time. response time guarantees accumulate only degraded time, while availability guarantees can be configured to accumulate either down time or degraded time.
      Accumulation Method
      Service Manager provides two accumulation methods: Straight time and Per Resource.
      Straight time
       means that the guarantee records outage time that corresponds exactly to service outage time. One minute of service outage time produces one minute of outage time for the guarantee. Straight time is almost always the appropriate configuration for a guarantee. Under rare circumstances per resource configurations are used to record time that is based on the resources contributing to the service outage.
      Per resource
       guarantee is only used for a specific type of SLA which actually guarantees specific availability of individual service resources as opposed to the service as a whole. The result is the guarantee can record outage time in excess of the actual service outage time. Once again per resource guarantees are specialized and uncommon.
      Violation Threshold 
      % uptime per period or seconds of outage time per period
      Specifies a service availability threshold that if during the current SLA period results in a critical alarm on the SLA model. The default uptime percentage is 99.9.
      (Optional) Generate warning alarm after accumulating 
      % of allowed outage time
      The warning percentage is a percentage of the violation threshold in terms of allowable outage time. When a guarantee becomes warned a major alarm is generated on the SLA. This option lets you take action before the SLA becomes violated.
  3. Select the Service or Resource Monitor tab, and then select a service or resource monitor by moving it from the Available Services and Groups box to the Service or Group being Measured box.
  4. (Optional) Specify "business hours" intervals during which you want the guarantee in effect.
    By default a guarantee is always active, that means it records outage time 24x7.
  5. Click Create.
    The guarantee is created.
Specify Business Hours for a Guarantee
If you are creating a guarantee for an SLA that measures service availability or performance for a particular portion of a day, or “business hours,” you can identify those hours in the guarantee. This means that the guarantee accumulates service outage time only during the business hours, and the SLA availability threshold applies only to the business hours.
You can also specify multiple intervals for a guarantee, as long as they do not overlap. For example, if you want a guarantee to watch a service or resource monitor from 7 AM to 5 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 6 AM to 6 PM on Tuesday and Thursday, and continuously throughout the weekend. You can specify these three schedules in the guarantee.
For guarantees which specify a percentage of availability, it is important to understand that the availability calculation is made against the time the guarantee is active. This means that a guarantee defining business hours can have less available outage time than one with the same availability threshold that does not define business hours.
Follow these steps:
  1. Click the SLAs tab, select the SLA that contains the guarantee you want to modify, and click the Guarantees tab.
  2. Select the guarantee that you want to specify business hours for and click Edit.
  3. Click the Business Hours tab, and clear Always Active, as shown in the following figure:
    If you want the guarantee in effect continuously throughout the SLA period, click the Business Hours tab and select Always Active (default).
  4. Select and move one or more intervals from the Available Schedules list to the Current Schedules list.
  5. (Optional) If you require a custom interval, take the following steps:
    1. Click Create.
    2. Configure the interval and click OK.
      The custom interval is added to the Available Schedules list.
    3. Select and move the custom interval from the Available Schedules list to the Current Schedules list.
  6. Click OK.
    Business hours are specified for the guarantee.