SLA Templates

An SLA template includes configuration settings that are inherited by the SLAs that you can create from the template. It lets you create multiple SLAs with similar settings for different customers and services without having to configure each SLA individually. The use of SLA templates is common in traditional service provider environment that offers similar SLAs to multiple customers. The SLA template also allows you to make changes or additions to all associated SLAs by editing the template itself. Although this can be a convenient feature, be cautious when making edits guarantee thresholds or business hours setting.
The following SLA template settings cannot be edited in an SLA that has been created from a template while the SLA in sync with the template:
  • Period
  • Guarantees
All other inherited settings can be modified in the SLA. All settings can be modified, however, if an SLA is disassociated (in sync option deselected) from its parent template.
The guarantees that you create for SLA templates are referred to as guarantee templates. You create and manage guarantee templates in the SLA Template workspace the same way you do with guarantees in the SLA workspace.
Create an SLA Template
You can create as many SLA templates as you require, but the templates must have unique names.
Follow these steps:
  1. Click the SLA Templates tab and click Create.
    The Create SLA Template dialog appears.
  2.  SLA Templates are often created with a control of Inactive. It lets you instantiate the actual SLAs in the inactive state, and activate them when appropriate.
  3. (Optional) Configure basic guarantee settings for the template. You can specify more detailed guarantee settings or a new guarantee for the template (such as guarantee template) after you create the template.
  4. Click Create.
    The SLA template is created.
Edit an SLA Template
You can edit an SLA template anytime before or after it is in effect.
Consider the following information before editing an SLA template:
  • Changes to the period and guarantees in a template extend to all SLAs created from it that are in sync with the template. This may not be desirable.
  • When you delete a template, the associations between the SLAs created from it that are in sync with the template are severed. This means you can edit all period and guarantee settings in the SLAs that were once managed exclusively in the former template.
Follow these steps:
  1. Click the SLA Templates tab, select the template that you want to edit from the list, and click Edit.
    The Edit SLA Template dialog appears.
  2. Edit the settings, as described in Create an SLA, and click OK.
    The SLA template is edited.
Delete an SLA Template
You can delete an SLA template anytime after you create it. When you delete an SLA template, all SLAs created from the template that are kept in sync with it become fully editable.
Follow these steps:
  1. Click the SLA Templates tab, select the template from the list you want to remove from 
    DX NetOps Spectrum
    , and click Delete.
  2. Respond to the confirmation message that appears to complete the deletion.
    The SLA template is deleted.