Add a Model or Alarm to a Policy

You can add a model or an alarm to a policy.
Follow these steps:
  1. Click the Explorer tab in the Navigation panel of the OneClick Console.
    The model or alarm details display in the Contents panel on the right.
  2. Right-click the model or alarm and select Add to, SANM Policy, Add.
    The Select Policy dialog opens.
  3. Select a policy and click OK.
    The Select Write Option dialog opens.
    To remove the item, select Remove.
  4. Select an option.
    The model or alarm is added to the selected policy.
Editing an Alarm Notification Policy
You can edit a policy before or after you save it, regardless of whether it is associated with an application. If the policy is associated with an application, SANM begins enforcing the new policy as soon as you save your changes.
The Archive Manager must be running and connected to the SpectroSERVER for modified policies to take immediate effect.