How the Product Monitors Alarms

DX NetOps Spectrum
, alarm-processing applications, and SANM work together in the alarm monitoring process.
The following diagram shows the alarm monitoring process:
The following workflow describes how 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 monitors alarms:
  1. DX NetOps Spectrum
     polls the modeled network elements and updates the status of each element in the SpectroSERVER database.
  2. DX NetOps Spectrum
     generates an alarm when it receives a trap from the network, or when it detects a critical status change in a network model. In the OneClick Console, the model icon changes from green to another color that indicates the alarm severity level.
    • DX NetOps Spectrum
       posts specific information for each alarm on the Alarm Details tab of the Component Detail pane. 
    • DX NetOps Spectrum
       posts alarm event information to the Events tab of the Component Detail panel.
  3. Data about alarms that 
    DX NetOps Spectrum
     has generated is passed to SANM. SANM lets you create and associate alarm notification policies with alarm processing applications. In addition, the SANM Schedule subview lets you schedule application and policy associations and automates the association process.
  4. SANM passes the alarm information to alarm processing applications only when the alarm types specified in the policies occur.
Alarms that SANM filters are sent to AlarmNotifier. When both SANM and AlarmNotifier are installed, AlarmNotifier gains some capabilities:
  • You can apply the SANM alarm-filtering policies to individual instances of AlarmNotifier.
  • AlarmNotifier can generate alarm notifications from all landscapes of a distributed SpectroSERVER environment.
  • Additional commands are available to acknowledge and clear alarms from AlarmNotifier.
  • A new startup command lets you start multiple instances of AlarmNotifier. You can associate each instance with a different SANM alarm notification policy.
  • Other new startup commands let you create a summary or detailed trace files.
  • AlarmNotifier scripts include new parameters that contain information about troubleshooting alarms.
  • The AlarmNotifier resource file includes new parameters to obtain more information about alarms.
  • SANM lets you automatically associate a different policy with AlarmNotifier at a specified time.
Attention! is a client-server network monitoring and notification system. The Attention! application alerts system managers to critical system and network events. Supported alert formats include alphanumeric paging, telephone calls, email, PA announcements, electronic message boards, and custom notifications. You can use SANM as a foundation for integration between 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 and Attention!.