The Schedule Subview

The Schedule subview automates the association process and lets you implement alarm notification policies according to a schedule. For example, if you want an alarm application to take action in response to an alarm during the evening, you can create a special evening policy and can schedule the association of this policy with the application for 6 PM every day. You can then schedule the association of a different daytime policy with the same application for 7 AM every day. The Schedule subview lets you perform scheduled associations. You can avoid manually associating a new policy each time you want a change in alarm filtering.
You can verify the results of operations that were performed by the Schedule subview on the Events tab in OneClick.
Schedule an Association
You can schedule a policy association with an application in OneClick.
Follow these steps:
  1. Click the Locater tab in the Navigation panel of the OneClick Console.
  2. Select SANM, All Applications and click SPEC--launchsearch_ICO (9.2) (Launch the selected search).
    The Select Landscape to Search dialog opens.
  3. Select the landscapes to include in your search, and click OK..
    The existing applications display in the Contents panel on the right.
  4. Select the SANM application whose policy you want to schedule.
  5. In the Component Detail panel, expand the Scheduled Policies menu under the Information tab and click spec--schedule_a_policy_button (Opens a dialog to schedule a policy to the current policy).
    The Select Policy And Schedule dialog opens.
  6. Select a policy, select a schedule, and click OK.
    You can create custom policies and schedules by clicking the Create buttons.
    The scheduled policy displays in the Scheduled Policies table.