How to Configure a Condition Correlation for a Power Outage

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 Condition Correlation can be configured to determine the root-cause alarm and manage trouble-prone segments of your infrastructure. Predefined correlation systems are available in Condition Correlation Editor. However, you can use Condition Correlation to select the criteria that identify a causal problem event. With the help of Condition Correlation components (such as Conditions, Rules, Policies, and Correlation Domains), you can pinpoint the root-cause alarm and can pay less attention to symptomatic alarms.
DX NetOps Spectrum
 includes many predefined correlations. For example, ContactLost_Red (caused by) Chassis Down, LinkDown (caused by) Chassis Down, Dev Module Pulled (caused by) Blade Status Unknown are a few predefined correlations that are available in Condition Correlation Editor.
In a power outage scenario, managed UPS systems generate traps indicating that they have switched to backup battery power. If the backup battery power fades, the systems generate traps that indicate low battery power. When the batteries fail, managed devices that are connected to the UPS systems go down. These devices trigger a flood of events and alarms from the affected area. The volume of events makes it difficult to identify and address the underlying problem.
As an administrator, you can configure a correlation system for a power outage. Create one or more conditions that can be evaluated by correlation rule criteria. If rule criteria are met, Condition Correlation identifies one condition as the root-cause condition and the other condition as symptomatic of the root-cause condition. Create a policy that contains the correlation rules to associate with the domain and apply the policy to the domain. The Condition Correlation process is in effect for the resources that are included in the domain
The following diagram illustrates the process to configure a Condition Correlation for a power outage:
This diagram illustrates the process to configure a condition correlation for a power outage