Improve DX NetOps Spectrum REST API Capability (Swagger)

From 10.4.1, you can access
DX NetOps Spectrum
API documentation using Swagger. The Swagger UI lets you visualize and interact with
DX NetOps Spectrum
REST API by providing visual documentation.
You now have Swagger documentation and endpoints to work with
DX NetOps Spectrum
RESTful web services. The REST API endpoints are provided within a self-documenting framework that lets you try the methods and see the generated responses. All methods are grouped by resource type and can be displayed in a single window. Use the
List Operations
, and
Expand Operations
options to expand and collapse the resources and methods.
The methods are color-coded to make it easier to distinguish between the different methods. To the right of each method is a brief description of the action that is performed by the method. Documentation is provided for request parameters. Sample model schema is available for methods requiring payload in the request. Use the provided model schema to populate the body field, and then replace the default values with desired settings. Use the
Try it out!
Button to send the request and see the generated response in real-time.
Response Messages
section for each method provides a documented list of response codes. Use this information to help you determine a corrective action if an error condition was encountered. The response that is returned for each request appears in the method drop-down window.
Accessing the API Documentation
Click the
API Documentation
menu link in the OneClick Web interface to access the REST API.
The following screenshot displays the Swagger interface. This interface displays some of the RESTful web services that
DX NetOps Spectrum
Swagger for REST API Documentation
For more information on using Swagger for REST API, see Swagger documentation.