Prerequisites for Windows

Ensure that you meet the following prerequisites before you install 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 on a 
Administrator Privileges
To install 
DX NetOps Spectrum
, log in as Administrator or as a user with administrator privileges.
If you plan to install 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 as a user other than Administrator, turn off User Account Control (UAC).
DX NetOps Spectrum
 installation software requires administrator privileges to evaluate available resources and to run custom installation scripts. An initial installation generates residual files with administrator ownership. Subsequent upgrade installations also require administrator privileges.
User Account Control (UAC)
To install 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 as a user other than Administrator, User Account Control (UAC) must be turned off. UAC is a Windows security component that prompts you for permission when a task requires administrator privileges.
DX NetOps Spectrum
 installation, the installation user is elevated to an administrator in 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 Remote Administration (SRAdmin). UAC would then need to prompt the user for permission, which is not possible because SRAdmin is a non-interactive service. Disabling UAC allows the installation to run continuously.
Disabling UAC is required for 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 installation as a user other than the Administrator only. After installation and during normal 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 operation, UAC can be enabled.
How to Disable UAC on Windows Server 2016
To install 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 as a user other than Administrator, UAC must be turned off. The following procedure describes how to disable UAC:
DX NetOps Spectrum
10.4.2 has
not been validated
on Windows Server 2012. However, Broadcom supports
DX NetOps Spectrum
product issues if found. We reserve the right to have you upgrade to Windows Server 2016 if deemed necessary.
Follow these steps:
  1. From the Start menu, select Control Panel, User Accounts.
  2. Click "Change User Account Control settings".
  3. Move the slider down to the bottom line, Never notify, and click OK.
  4. Disable UAC in Local Security Policy. UAC is now disabled.
How to Disable UAC in Local Security Policy on Windows Server:
In addition to the UAC setting, a Local Security Policy option for UAC must also be disabled, as described in the following procedure.
Follow these steps:
  1. In a Run dialog, enter secpol.msc and click OK.
  2. In the Local Security Policy window, select the Security Settings, Local Policies, Security Options folder.
  3. Right-click the "User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode" policy, and select Properties.
  4. Select Disabled, and click OK.
    The necessary Local Security Policy option for turning off UAC has been disabled.
Fixed IP Address on Windows
Ensure that the system on which you want to install 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 has a fixed IP address. You can enable DHCP on the system when the DHCP server issues a static address that never changes.
Emergency Repair Disks
We recommend that you create an emergency repair disk (ERD) before installing 
DX NetOps Spectrum
, because the installation can corrupt files. You can use the ERD to restore Windows configuration files. We recommend that you also create an ERD after successfully installing 
DX NetOps Spectrum
Windows Help files contain detailed instructions on creating an ERD.
Network and Security Settings
To use email for applications (such as 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 Enterprise Alarm Manager), configure the user profile that is logged in and running 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 to send email using the supported service provider.
Set security as required for the directory where you install 
DX NetOps Spectrum
. If you set the security before installation, 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 preserves the changes to the directory hierarchy security.
Restart your system after you make changes.
User Audit
If the user auditing feature is enabled on Windows, every action is audited, resulting in many entries in the Windows Event Log. We recommend that you disable the Windows user auditing feature because it slows 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 system performance.
Convert the File System to NTFS
We recommend that you install 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 in an NTFS file system partition. If your disk drive is formatted as a FAT partition, convert the Windows file system to NTFS.
Follow these steps:
  1. Run the CONVERT utility at the command prompt as per the following syntax:
    You can run the conversion utility without damaging or deleting existing data. If the hard drive is already converted, a message appears. You can get more help on the convert command by typing '"help convert" in your command-line interface.
  2. Restart your system for the reformatting to take effect. The file system is converted.