Troubleshooting Upgrade Installation Problems

Troubleshooting the Post Upgrade SDC Alarm Correlation
When upgrading to 10.3.1 from 10.3 (directly) or 10.2.x (indirectly), if there were any alarms on the devices managed through Secure Domain Connector (SDC), those alarms will not be correlated to SDC lost alarm and only the newly generated alarms will be correlated, post-upgrade. This is a known and expected behavior.
In an SDC FT scenario if both SDCs are down, then only the device down alarms are correlated to “Secure Domain Lost” alarm.
Troubleshooting the Post Upgrade Installation Script
You can troubleshoot the post-upgrade installation script.
Log files are in the <
>/Install-Tools/PostInstall/ directory. On Windows, run all scripts from a bash shell.
Follow these steps:
  1. Start the 
    , if it is not already running:
    • On Windows, click Start, Programs, CA, Spectrum Control Panel. The Spectrum Control Panel displays. Click the Start 
    • On Linux, run the SCP command, which is located in <
      >/bin/. The Spectrum Control Panel displays. Click the Start 
     begins to run.
  2. Open the OneClick home page in your web browser, using the URL that your administrator provided. The URL has the following format: http://<
  3. Enter your OneClick login credentials when prompted.
    The OneClick home page opens.
  4. Click Start Console.
    The OneClick Console opens.
  5. Expand the 
     that has been named the main location server and click Universe in the Navigation panel.
    A list of alarms, if any, appear in the Alarms tab of the Contents panel for the Universe topology. If any models display Minor (yellow) alarms with a probable cause of DIFFERENT TYPE MODEL, clear the alarms. To verify that the script converted all eligible models that it discovered, rerun the script.
    The log file, NewMM_Log_<DATE>, is created in the <
    >/Install-Tools/PostInstall/ directory.
  6. To verify that all models converted successfully, check the log file, NewMM_Log_<
     If DIFFERENT TYPE MODEL alarms recur, contact Technical Support.
    The troubleshooting is complete.
Unable to Proceed with 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 Upgrade Due to DDM Database Lock with Errors in Pre-Install Log
 When I am trying to install a patch on my existing 
DX NetOps Spectrum
 version, I am getting the following error message:
"This installation needs to access the DDM database, which is currently locked. Installation will automatically resume when the database is unlocked."
 When you get this error, browse to the $SPECROOT/SS/DDM directory and then delete the .DDMDB.LOCK file.
Once you have done this, the install should continue to finish as expected.