Troubleshooting Secure Domain Manager

This section describes some potential Secure Domain Manager problems and their solutions.
Error Messages
This section provides information about Secure Domain Manager error messages. SDManager errors appear in the SDManager.out file; SDConnector errors appear on the terminal display.
Certificate Not Valid Error
Valid on Linux and Windows
The following SDConnector error message appears when a mismatch is found in certificates or security settings:
SdmEtpkiConnectEndpoint run() invalid socket security. No connection attempts will be made to the host. Please verify that certificates and security configurations are correct.
Verify that machines on which SSL is deployed have matching certificates.
Certificate or Key Error
Valid on Linux and Windows
The following error message appears in sdmLog.log file when a mismatch is found in a certificate or key across connector host and SpectroSERVER host:
SdmEtpkiConnectEndpoint run() ssock_handshake error.
This error indicates a problem with the certificate/key used for SDM/SDC communication. If you are using certificates that are generated with earlier versions of Spectrum or using custom certificates, then you must regenerate the certificates using CertGen utility. If you are using your own custom certificates (not generated using CertGen), then you must ensure that the key size is minimum 1024-bits. The key of less than 1024-bit size does not work with Spectrum 9.4.3. 
Refer to Create Site-Specific Certificates and Deploy Site-Specific Certificates sections for the steps that are required to create and deploy the custom Site-Specific Certificates.