Known Issues

This release includes the following known issues:
Reconciliation Not Happening When Elastic Has a Large Number of Alarms
Reconciliation does not happen when elastic has a large number of alarms.
No known resolution for the issue as of now.
When CAPKIHOME is not set, I Cannot Start or Stop SDC on Linux
I tried to stop / start SDC on Linux, from SDC installed location (/opt/CA/SDMConnector/bin).
DX NetOps Spectrum
throws the below error, if CAPKIHOME is not set.
n./SdmConnectorService.exe --stop Please check atleast one of the following conditions are met. *) Set CAPKIHOME environment variable. *) Pass valid second parameter to etpki_lib_init function. Ex: if the second parameter is /a/b/c/[lib]cryptocme2.[dll][so][sl], it is assumed that /a/b/c has all the required CAPKI shared libraries
Set the CAPKIHOME environment variable to
export CAPKIHOME=/opt/CA/SharedComponents/CAPKI