Schedule Virtualization Sync

This integration supports Virtualization sync. When the CA Spectrum and CA UIM integration is enabled, synchronization happens automatically at the scheduled time interval displayed in the OneClick view. Additions, deletions and modifications of VMWare entities in CA UIM are reflected in CA Spectrum after the Virtualization sync. You can schedule the Virtualization sync at regular intervals through the OneClick view.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open the CA Spectrum OneClick console.
  2. Select
    UIM Manager
    from the Navigation panel on any landscape.
    pane for UIM Manager opens.
  3. Click the
    tab and expand
  4. Expand 
    UIM Virtualization Sync Configuration.
    Information on Virtualization sync is displayed.
    The following image displays the option to schedule Virtualization sync:
    UIM Virtual Sync Config_1022.png
  5. Click
    to schedule Virtualization sync.
    The Time interval window opens.
  6. Specify the time interval and click
     300 minutes.
     60 minutes.
    You can confirm whether the Virtualization sync is complete, based on
    Sync Status
Delete Unreported Entities
Delete Unreported Entities
button, allows you to delete entities/models that are no longer reported as part of virtualization integration.
The entities/ models that were previously reported only as part of virtualization integration will be placed in the Unreported Entities/ Models container, if they are no longer reported. (These entities/ models were auto-deleted previously. You will now have to manually delete these entities using the Delete Unreported Entities button.)
  1. Click
    A relevant confirmation dialog appears. 
  2. Select
    to delete the entities/models from this container across landscapes.
    An appropriate confirmation message is displayed.
Reconciling CA UIM virtual entity data with existing CA Spectrum models
During virtualization synchronization, when a new CA UIM virtual entity is reported to CA Spectrum from CA UIM, CA Spectrum will perform a search to identify if this virtual entity was modeled during CA Spectrum discovery and modeling. If such an existing model is found, CA Spectrum will reconcile the CA UIM entity information with the existing model, instead of creating a new model.
This search is limited to the SpectroSERVER in which the parent VCenter UIM entity was destined to be modeled. In cases where an existing model is not found and reconciliation is not performed, CA Spectrum will model the virtual entity in the SpectroSERVER specified in the 
OneClick Admin Configuration
UIM Configuration
CA Spectrum uses the IP Address reported by the entity to perform this search. If IP Address is not reported, the search is performed using the reported MAC address.
If neither (IP or MAC Address) are reported, CA Spectrum will not be able to reconcile that entity even if the entity is discovered and modeled in CA Spectrum.