Launch the Spectrum OneClick Console

Launching the OneClick Console
After the JRE and required Java components are installed, you can launch the OneClick Console. You can launch the OneClick Console from a browser.
Start OneClick from a Browser
You can start OneClick from a browser on your computer where the OneClick Console is installed.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open the OneClick home page in a browser using the URL that your administrator provided. The URL has the following format:
    > is the name of the OneClick web server. Use:<
    > only if the OneClick web server does not use the default of port 80 on Windows or 8080 on Linux. If you cannot access the OneClick web server, notify your administrator.
  2. Enter your OneClick login credentials, if prompted.
    The OneClick home page opens.
    Any date and time information that is shown in OneClick is localized to reflect the time zone where the OneClick client is installed and running.
  3. Install JRE and JCEUnlimited Strength Files, and Java Web Start if you have not done so already on Windows or Linux.
  4. Click Start Console.
  5. Enter your OneClick user name and password again, if prompted.
    OneClick starts and the OneClick Console opens.