Topology Edit Mode

Topology Edit mode refers to the condition you place a topology view in when you want to edit its appearance. When you place a view into Edit mode, you automatically prevent other users from editing that view. Once in Edit mode you can use its drawing tools to draw rectangles, ellipses, lines, or text boxes. After you create these items in a view, you can later apply styles or colors to them.
The following image shows an example of the Edit mode toolbar that appears when you enter Edit mode:
spec--topologyeditmode_SCR (9.2)
Access Edit Mode
If your user account has the required privileges, you can access Edit mode to modify the current topology view.
Follow these steps:
  1. Click the Topology tab in the Contents panel.
    The Topology view and the Topology toolbar open.
  2. Click SPEC--editbutton_ICO (Edit) in the Topology tab toolbar.
    The Edit mode toolbar opens. The topology view is locked to prevent other users from editing this view.
  3. Modify the topology view.
  4. Click Save.
    Your changes are saved, and you exit Edit mode.
Edit Mode Toolbar
The following table describes the editing tools that you can access and use from the Edit mode toolbar.
Move Tool:
Moves modeled elements in a view.
Rectangle Tool:
Draws rectangles. Click and hold the rectangle button to access additional tools.
Ellipse Tool:
Draws ellipses. Click and hold the Ellipse Tool button to access additional tools.
Line Tool:
Draws lines.
Text Box:
Creates a text box used to enter text.
Font Properties:
Opens the Select Font dialog for the selected text annotation. Choose a font family, style, and size from the respective columns in the Select Font dialog. You can also choose the text foreground and background color and whether to show the text background.
Shape Color:
Opens the Select Shape Color dialog for the selected annotation. Select a shape color in the Select Color dialog.
Line Weight:
Sets the line weight for lines, ellipses, and rectangles.
Line Pattern:
Sets the style for lines, ellipses, and rectangles.
Group selected modeled elements in a view.
Ungroup selected modeled elements in a view.
Background Editor:
Changes topology background characteristics (edit mode grid, grid spacing and color, background color, image, and size).
Arrangement drop-down list:
Contains the following options for arranging the elements in the topology: Radial, Tree, or Manual.