Disable the Integration

You can disable the CA UIM - CA Spectrum Integration, if you want to stop generating alarms and events in OneClick. On disabling the integration, the EventAdmin model no longer receives events from CA UIM and the events are not forwarded to the EventModel model in OneClick.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open CA Nimsoft Infrastructure Manager.
  2. From the Console page, select Gateway.
    The SNMP Gateway window opens.
  3. Click the Profiles tab.
    The Configured Profiles window opens.
  4. Right-click a Profile, select Delete.
    Profile is deleted.
  5. Click Ok.
    The Integration is disabled.
Performance Considerations
CA UIM - CA Spectrum integration through the Southbound Gateway supports and implements all severities and traps (such as Informational, Warning, Minor, Major, Critical, Clear).
By default, CA UIM snmpgtw is configured to send alerts (traps) for messages of all severity levels.
The volume of events and alarms that are generated by CA UIM in CA Spectrum depends on the number, type and condition of managed elements. In situations where performance is an issue, you can disable these messages at the CA Nimsoft Infrastructure Manager.
For example, if the trap storm detection threshold of CA Spectrum exceeds a certain level, it indicates that performance is degraded. By default this threshold is configured for 20 traps/second from a single device. In a moderately large CA UIM installation, the CA Spectrum default trap storm threshold can be exceeded easily, and when it is exceeded, traps are dropped. To preserve the most critical traps, we recommend disabling the informational and warning messages. In this way, bandwidth is not used on less severe situations and the critical traps can be handled by CA Spectrum.
To handle this situation, you can disable the informational messages that are sent by CA UIM. In this way the problem can be resolved at the source level. If the trap storm threshold is exceeded, the warning messages can be disabled and not sent to CA Spectrum. You can also raise the trap storm threshold to 25 or 30 traps/second, if the SpectroSERVER has sufficient capacity.
If after disabling the informational and warning messages, the number of alerts from CA UIM still exceeds the trap storm threshold, consult CA Nimsoft documentation to determine ways to limit the number or types of traps being sent to CA Spectrum. By default all alarms are filtered. Therefore, you can change the alarm messages that are filtered by snmpgtw. You can also change the alarm setting to alarm_new and alarm_clear messages, which can reduce the total traffic from CA UIM to CA Spectrum.
If you change the alarm setting to alarm_new and alarm_clear message, the alarm counts may not be correctly incremented in CA Spectrum as a single message for each occurrence of an alarm that is received.