Spectrum Mobile Application

Overview on Spectrum Mobile
Spectrum Mobile lets you view the top 100 alarms through your mobile devices. This application is built on the Sencha framework and it supports both the IOS and Android platforms. The application displays detailed information of alarms such as landscape, description, date, and time.
You can configure Spectrum Mobile to poll the Spectrum web server periodically and to obtain the recent alarms. This application lets you perform alarm actions such as view, search, filter, acknowledge, and assign troubleshooter. To connect Spectrum Mobile to the OneClick server, you must specify the host name or IP address of the OneClick server host and the server port number.
Architecture of Spectrum Mobile
Spectrum Mobile runs on the Sencha framework which lets you build the powerful applications that work on IOS and Android.
Spectrum Mobile contacts the OneClick server using REST API to obtain the alarm-related information. The OneClick server collects the alarm information from the SpectroSERVER through CORBA. The following diagram illustrates the architecture of Spectrum Mobile:
Application Requirements
You can download the mobile application from App Store or Play Store. Search for
CA Spectrum Mobile
Supported Operating Systems
The following operating systems are supported for Spectrum Mobile:
  •  IOS Version 7.1 or higher
  • Android Version 4.4-Kitkat