Troubleshooting the Web Services API Issues

Common Issues
If you are experiencing problems when using the
Web Services API, check the following:
  • Is the URL constructed correctly?
  • Is the correct verb used with the noun?
  • Is the Request XML for GET Tunneling constructed correctly?
  • Have the proper credentials been entered?
  • Has the "accept" header and "Content-type" been set correctly for XML or JSON?
  • Do any
    Web Services API errors appear in the tomcat log?
"Next" Link Does not Work
The "next" link that was generated in a response does not work correctly when I try to retrieve the next throttled set of results.
The format of the parameters within the generated link may vary depending on your environment. For example, "&" may be generated as "&" This is due to differences between XML, HTTP, and JSON formatting standards. Notice the difference in the prefixes for the start and throttlesize parameters in the following URLs:
http://localhost/spectrum/restful/models?id=5b03b5ba-64ed-4603-b3e1-8e71919fccd8&start=2&throttlesize=2 http://localhost/spectrum/restful/models?id=5b03b5ba-64ed-4603-b3e1-8e71919fccd8&start=2&throttlesize=2
To correct, change '&amp' to '&' in your URL.
This applies to XML only (not JSON).