Integrate DX NetOps Spectrum

This article provides an overview of the integration between DX NetOps Spectrum and UIM.
DX NetOps Spectrum - UIM Integration Compatibility Matrix
Before you start your integration with DX NetOps Spectrum, ensure that you meet the version requirements that are described in the compatibility matrix.
From the CA Spectrum v10.1.2 release on, the SNMP Gateway probe and SBGW / Southbound gateway are no longer recommended for alarm synchronization from UIM to DX NetOps Spectrum. We recommend using the Spectrum Gateway (spectrumgtw) probe for alarm synchronization.
We also recommend that you go through the CA Spectrum-CA UIM Integration using spectrumgtw probe - FACT SHEET to understand the changes to the integration whether you are new to this integration or an existing user.
*From CA UIM 8.47 onwards, you no longer have to deploy nisapi separately. The wasp probe which is a core component in UIM contains the nisapi_service_host probe functionality. By default, the nisapi package is deployed in wasp as part of the UIM installation or upgrade.
Port Information
In previous releases of UIM, the nisapi_service_host package was deployed to the service_host probe. As of CA UIM release 8.47, the service_host probe was deprecated and its functionality was moved to the wasp probe. This change has the following implications for your DX NetOps Spectrum integration:
  • You no longer have to deploy the nisapi separately. By default, your DX NetOps Spectrum integration uses the nisapi package deployed in wasp as part of a UIM installation or upgrade.
  • You no longer have to keep port 8080 open. This port was used exclusively by the service_host probe.
    The wasp probe uses port 80. However, because the wasp probe is a core component in UIM, this port should already be open in a properly functioning UIM environment.
Integration Instructions
For the full set of integration instructions for UIM and DX NetOps Spectrum, refer to the article Integrate CA UIM and CA Spectrum in the Spectrum documentation.