SAP_Basis DB2 Database Unified Dashboard

The sap_basis DB2 Database Unified Dashboard provides predefined list views to monitor the health and performance of the DB2 Database in the SAP landscape.
: If your Unified Dashboard is not populating with data, make sure all required data sources for the Unified Dashboard are enabled. The required probe must be deployed and must be configured so that required QoS metrics and subkeys or targets are activated. For more information, see the help topic on required data sources for the Unified Dashboard.
SAP_Basis DB2 Database Required Data Sources
This table lists the probes, QoS metrics, and subkeys or targets that must be activated to populate data in the SAP_Basis DB2 Database dashboard. An asterisk (*) means that this QoS brings data for all targets for which it is applicable.
For more information about configuring probes, see the documentation for each probe.
DB2 Database Summary
This table displays information about the DB2 Database statistics. Use this chart to view information about the DB2 database performance.
Column Name
Database Availability
The percentage availability of DB2 database.
Daily Growth
The growth in utilized memory space in the DB2 database since the previous day.
Database Size
The total size of DB2 database.
Database Used Space
The total size of currently utilized space in the DB2 database.