Remove Devices in OC

You can remove devices using the OC Inventory view. The process gives you the ability to delete the device from inventory and prevent rediscovery, close alarms associated with the device, and delete stored QoS data for the device.
  • This functionality is available only to the bus users.
  • You can still delete devices through the discovery server probe utility. However, the following method is the preferred method to delete devices.
  • Deleting a device from OC and rediscovery does not stop probes from monitoring the device. Probes monitoring the device will continue to collect QoS metrics and generate alarms. The best practice is to first configure probes to stop monitoring or discovering the devices that will be deleted and then delete the devices. Steps for probe configuration varies by probe and is beyond the scope of this topic. For information on probe configuration, see UIM probes documentation.
Follow these steps:
  1. Access the OC.
  2. Expand the Inventory view.
  3. Scroll through the list and select devices by clicking corresponding boxes in the first column.
    You can also filter the device list using the
    box, which is available above the table. Filtering automatically deselects any device that is not part of the filtered list.
  4. Click the
    menu (three dots) at the upper right-hand corner of the table and select the
    Delete Devices
    option. This option is active only if a device is selected.
    A dialog box appears with deletion options related to devices, alarms, and data:
    • Prevent rediscovery - Excludes the device instances from being added back into the OC.
      If you do not select the
      Prevent rediscovery
      option, the devices will be deleted from the OC, but devices still will be monitored by probes and will be rediscovered and re-entered with new cs_Ids. If you do not use the option, you must  turn off probe monitoring for the devices to prevent rediscovery. Device deletion does not uninstall robots.
    • Acknowledge alarms - Closes all open alarms.
      Closed alarms are moved to the historic alarms table, and historic alarms are aged out of the table according to the configured retention policies. Subsequent alarms for devices will still be displayed in the global alarms view and must be closed manually. Historic alarms can also be viewed in the global alarms view until they are aged out. To prevent alarms for devices from being generated by probes, configure the probe monitoring the device to exclude the devices.
    • Delete measurements - Deletes references to the device QoS data. To prevent the QoS references from being added back, you must disable probe monitoring for the device. After probe monitoring has been disabled, the measurement data will eventually be aged out.
  5. Clear unwanted options in the dialog box.
  6. Click
Allow Rediscovery of Deleted Devices
You can allow rediscovery of all or selected deleted devices previously removed through the
Prevent Rediscovery
option in removing devices.
To allow rediscovery of all devices, use the command in the Discovery Server probe utility.
Follow these steps:
  1. Invoke the probe utility for the Discovery Server.
    1. In Admin Console, click the pull-down menu for the discovery_server probe and select
      View Probe Utility in New Window
      from the list.
    2. In Infrastructure Manager, select the discovery_server probe and press
  2. Select
    from the command list or commandset pull-down menu at the left. This callback unblocks all devices.
    Similarly, select
    if you want to unblock specific devices. This callback requires bl_id as input, which you can get by querying the cm_blacklist_computer_system table based on the device name or IP.
  3. Click the green
    button (Green Execute Button Icon) to send the command request.
After completing the steps to allow rediscovery of all or selected deleted devices, the previously excluded devices are added back to the OC when they are rediscovered. If the probes are still configured to discover or monitor the devices, they will eventually reappear in the OC Inventory and any dynamic groups where they previously existed. You can speed this process by forcing the probes to rediscover the devices. Probes have varying ways to force rediscovery: for the discovery agent, you can select
Run discovery now
in the
tab of the Discovery Wizard.  For other probes, restarting the probe typically will initiate republishing them to inventory.