Launch the Discovery Wizard

You can launch the Discovery Wizard whenever you want to run discovery or change your discovery settings. You can launch it from the
view or from the
Setup Wizard
  • The first time when you open the Operator Console (OC), the Discovery Wizard is launched from the Setup wizard.
  • The Discovery Wizard will not run after an update of UIM if there are existing range scopes that define
    IP addresses. Either accept the system prompt to delete excluded range scopes or remove them manually from the database. Then, discovery will run.
Follow these steps:
  1. Using the Inventory view:
    1. Click the
      option in the left menu in the OC. The
      view opens.
    2. Click the Edit metrics icon (pencil icon) in the right of the Inventory page. The
      Inventory Tree
      dialog opens.
    3. Click the
    4. Select the required discovery agent.
    5. Select the
      Discovery Wizard
      option from the global three-dot Actions menu at the top-right corner of the Inventory page. The Discovery Wizard opens.
  2. Using the Setup Wizard option:
    1. Click the
      Setup Wizard
      option the left menu of the OC. The Setup Wizard opens.
    2. Click the
      Discover Devices
      button to start the Discovery Wizard.