Integrating Other Products

Includes integration with other products for customized monitoring solutions.
You can integrate CA UIM with other products for customized monitoring solutions.
Log Analytics
Log Analytics streamlines the log analysis process and helps you troubleshoot faster and more effectively by:
  • Collecting and aggregating logs from multiple sources (individual servers, devices, and applications). You can gain insights from data using analytics dashboards.
  • Providing out-of-the-box dashboards (blueprints) based on the collected data for supported log types and patterns.
  • Providing full text search on all the stored log files.
  • Performing near real-time and historical search on all the log data from one centralized location.
  • Performing a periodic query of the log data and sending notifications (alarm, email, and snmp) when matches are found. You can also save and schedule a log query or pattern to receive notifications when a match is found.
CA Application Delivery Analysis
CA Application Delivery Analysis provides a consistent and common set of service quality metrics that can help prove the performance of applications delivered over the network, validate the impact of changes and solve problems faster. It can provide your organization with an in-depth understanding of application response time and how the network impacts the end-use, helping you ensure an optimal experience and improve application performance management.
CA Cloud Monitor
The CA Cloud Monitor allows you to access the online service that monitors your sites, servers, and applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
CA Cloud Service Management
CA Cloud Service Management is a full-featured service management solution. CA Cloud Service Management provides action-based workflows in accordance with ITIL standards that allow you to coordinate incident response and proactive IT management.
CA Network Flow Analysis
CA Network Flow Analysis is a network traffic monitoring solution that can help you optimize your network infrastructure for better application performance. With enhanced visibility into your network’s applications, hosts, conversations and QoS information, you can proactively manage your network to reduce outages, solve problems faster and ensure efficient and cost-effective operations.
Flow Analysis
Flow Analysis is designed to track all network traffic and provide an enterprise-wide view of your flow data. This visibility can help your organization make network performance decisions.
CA SiteMinder
CA SiteMinder can provide your organization enterprise-class secure single sign-on (SSO) and flexible identity access management so that your organization can authenticate users and control access to Web applications and portals.
CA Spectrum
CA Spectrum is a services and infrastructure management system that monitors the state of managed elements. Spectrum collects and stores status information from these elements, such as fault and performance data. CA Spectrum continually analyzes this information to track conditions within the computing infrastructure. If an abnormal condition is detected, the product isolates it, alerts you to it and presents the possible causes of the condition and solutions to correct it.
DX Operational Intelligence
DX Operational Intelligence enables IT operations teams to make smarter, faster decisions for enhancing user experience and improving IT service quality and capacity through cross-domain contextual intelligence. Built on an open, powerful engine, DX Operational Intelligence provides users with comprehensive insights by ingesting and analyzing a diverse data set including metric, topology, text, and log data. The machine learning–driven analytics, along with out-of-the-box visualization and correlation, helps drive a superior user experience and deliver significant operational efficiencies.
The DX Operational Intelligence Gateway (oi_connector) probe integrates CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) and DX Operational Intelligence (DOI). You can configure the oi_connector probe to send data to DX Operational Intelligence. The CA Digital Operational Intelligence Gateway (oi_connector) achieves the following:
  • Store UIM alarms, inventory, metrics (QoS), and UIM groups in DX Operational Intelligence
  • Build Dashboards with the alarms, QoS and inventory information
  • (Optional) Store Spectrum alarms and inventory in DX Operational Intelligence
oi_connector (DX Operational Intelligence Gateway) Release Notes for more information.
UIM 20.3.0 Integrations Support
This section highlights the Integration support for the other CA products.
UIM Probe Version
Spectrumgtw 8.68
apm_bridge : 1.03hf6, oi_connector v1.38
apm_bridge : 1.03hf6, oi_connector v1.38
nfa_inventory 1.42
11.1.2 (0-flash)
ada_inventory 1.41
CA Service Desk
Sdgtw 2.23
4.2 (SO14226-flash patch)
Catalyst Container 3.4.3 + UIM Connector 3.9.2
Unified CABI
Jasper Version : 7.1.1
cabi_external 4.20
capman_da 2.95