Resolved Issues

The following are the resolved issues in 20.3.0:
  • (9.20 HF12) Fixed an issue related to a problem closing e2e_appmon.rob on Windows 10 PCs. (Support Case: 20037327)
  • (9.20 HF13) Fixed an issue related to frequent alarms "Unable to communicate with probe 'processes'. Restarting probe". (Support Case: 31784899)
  • (9.20 HF13) Fixed an issue where [PDS] nimalarm do not work with option -c from UIM 9.2.0 on Linux anymore. (Support Case: 20093893)
  • (9.20 HF14) Fixed an issue where primary hub is stopping and forcing all robots to switch to their secondary hub. (Support Cases: 20310110, 31888790)
  • (9.20 HF14) Fixed an issue where robots without discovery_agent probe is being added into CM_DISCOVERY_AGENT. (Support Cases: 20122758, 20197812)
  • (9.20 HF15) Fixed an issue where remote profiles were not getting deployed by MCS. (Support Case: 31819927)
  • (9.20 HF17) Fixed an issue where robot does not execute all application discovery scripts. (Support Case: 32068693)
  • (9.20 HF19) Fixed an issue where robot crashes and becomes unresponsive, and is required to manually restart. (Support Case: 32044603)
  • (9.30 HF1) Fixed an issue while configuring passive robot on the NAT'ed network. (Support Case 20309641)
  • (20.10 HF1) Fixed an issue which displays useful message in logs when the error code is thrown. (Support Cases: 20320491)
  • (20.10 HF1) Fixed an issue where after updating origin through qos_processor, and data_engine cannot store their metrics. (Support Case: 31722751)
  • (7.97 HF9) Fixed a tunnel problem with robot 7.97 HF8 (2). (Support Case: 20325857)
  • (7.97 HF9) Fixed an issue where snmpgtw was interferring with hub. (Support Case: 20274225)
  • (9.20 HF11) Fixed an issue with LDAP Authentication being failed due to password hardness (characters set). (Support Case: 20302003)
  • (9.20 HF11) Fixed an issue with LDAP+SSL authentication while upgrading to UIM 20.1.0. (Support Case: 31829437)
  • (9.20 HF16) Fixed an issue where renaming a robot causes hub to send "robot inactive" alarms. (Support Case: 31888942)
  • (9.20 HF2T1) Fixed an issue where machines in maintenance mode still generate alerts. (Support Cases: 20280426, 31811590)
  • (9.20 HF5) Fixed an issue in which remote profiles are not getting deployed by MCS. (Support Case: 31819927)
  • (9.20 HF5) Fixed an issue where the alarm policy entries in "error" status are with version=-1. (Support Case: 31927120)
  • (9.20 HF5) Fixed an issue where alarm policies are not getting processed: excessive retry count. (Support Case: 31927103)
  • Fixed an issue related to no heartbeat alarms. (Support Case: 31888807)
Operator Console
  • (2.0.2 HF3) Fixed an issue where Operator Console does not allow login after update to 9.20. (Support Cases: 31794960, 31882080)
  • (2.0.2 HF4) Fixed an issue with the Operator Console groups tab issue. (Support Case: 31882603)
  • (2.0.3 HF1) Fixed an issue where Operator Console CABI Summery Page does not Load Correctly: UI issues in groups and cabi dashboards. (Support Case: 31827021)
  • (0.2.2 HF6) Fixed an issue related to the alarm policy for aggregated CPU usage where it is alarming on idle values. (Support Case: 31897635)
  • (0.2.2 HF6) Fixed an issue related to the priority change for alarm policies (earlier Regex). (Support Case: 31869330)
  • (9.20 HF10) Fixed an issue where alarms from cdm probe are not being cleared - cdm MCS Enhanced Profile. (Support Case: 20141321)
  • (9.20 HF10) Fixed an issue where alarm policies are not clearing alarms (Support Cases: 20104451, 20229009)
  • (9.20 HF14) Fixed an issue where ToT alarms from MCS Enhanced profiles are randomly clearing and re-appearing. (Support Case: 20144688)
  • (9.20 HF18) Fixed an issue where spooler is not honouring the policy precedence. (Support Case: 31905846)