Install UIM Server

The UIM Server installer performs the following tasks:
The UIM Server installer performs the following tasks:
  • Installs the primary hub, the core of the UIM message bus
  • Creates your database (if not created during database software installation)
  • Creates your UIM domain
  • Installs your UIM Server web page, which provides access to administrative consoles and UIM component install packages
  • Installs your local archive, which contains UIM probes and packages
UIM can be installed successfully only by a user with administrator privileges. This user setting can be changed in Windows with the following steps.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open
    Administrative Tools
  2. Right click on the Nimsoft Robot Watcher and select
  3. Select the
    Log On
  4. Select the
    This account
    radio button.
  5. Enter the account and password for an administrator.
Set Up the Primary Hub Server
Follow these steps:
  1. Install an operating system and browser. See the Compatibility Support Matrix for the supported versions of:
    • Windows, Linux or Solaris
    • Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer
  2. Disable disk compression if necessary.
  3. On Linux systems:
    • Install the
      GNU standard C library
      (Glibc), version 2.5 or newer.  To check the version, execute:
       ldd --version
    • Ensure the /etc/hosts file maps
      , and its own IP address to its hostname.
  4. Perform additional setup if you plan to use one of the following databases:
    • Microsoft SQL Server
      – Ensure that a domain administrator has permission to log on as a service. See Configuring User Rights at for instructions.
    • Oracle
      – Install Oracle Instant Client:
      1. Go to and select
        Oracle Instant
      2. Select
        Instant Client
        for the appropriate operating system.
      3. Download the version of
        Instant Client Package - Basic
        that corresponds to your version of Oracle.
        The "Basic Lite" package will result in CA UIM failures and should not be used.
      4. Unzip the package into a single directory (for example,
Setup is complete.
You can run the installer in three modes. Graphical user interface (GUI) mode walks you through the installation process. Console mode (available on Linux or Solaris) provides an interactive command-line interface. In silent mode, the installer reads configuration information from a response file you create, then runs with no further interaction.
Select the desired installation mode for instructions.
This section explains how to install UIM Server for the first time. To:
  • Upgrade an existing installation
    , go to Release Notes and Upgrading.
  • Reinstall
    , first uninstall the software, then restart the installation process. Note that your server configuration information (domain and hub names, IP addresses, user accounts and passwords) is