Launch the Discovery Wizard

The first time you open the Unified Management Portal (UMP) it opens to the Unified Service Manager portlet and the Discovery Wizard is automatically launched.
After the first time you open UMP, you can launch the Discovery Wizard manually if you want to run discovery or change your discovery settings. You can launch the Discovery Wizard from the Inventory node or from the
: The Discovery Wizard will not run after an update of CA Infrastructure Management if there are existing range scopes that define
IP addresses. You must either choose to accept the system prompt to delete excluded range scopes, or remove them manually from the database before discovery will run.
Follow these steps:
  1. Hover the cursor over or click the name of a discovery agent or range in the tree. Discovery agents are indicated by the magnifying glass icon (USM--discoveryAgentIcon_ICO), and ranges are indicated by the network icon (USM--discoveryNetworkIcon_ICO).
  2. Click the gear icon (USM--editGroup_ICO) to the right of the discovery agent or range name in the tree, or choose
    Discovery Wizard
    from the