The Configuration Page

The Configuration page in the Unified Management Portal contains two child pages:
The Configuration page in the Unified Management Portal contains two child pages:
  • Accounts - contains the Account Admin portlet.
  • Monitoring - contains links to probe configuration.
These pages are created at installation.
Account Admin
portlet allows bus users to manage account contact users and access control lists (ACLs) for user groups. In Account Admin, you can add, modify, or delete accounts and account contact users; set passwords for account contacts; add, copy, or delete an ACL and turn permissions on or off; and you can associate LDAP groups with ACLs and accounts.
Follow these steps:
  1. Click the
    page under Configuration to open the Account Admin portlet.
    The Account Admin graphical user interface (GUI) appears.
  2. Create or select an account and enter values as needed.
page allows you to view and edit the configuration and templates for supported probes. These probes are not configured through policies, so configuration details are managed through the probe configuration pages. Once a probe is selected under Monitoring, each instance of probe deployment is displayed in a table. Each instance in the table contains a link to the Admin Console GUI for that probe.
To configure probes through the Monitoring pages, you must have appropriate ACL permissions: Basic Management or Probe Configuration. For more information, see the ACL Permissions List.
Configuring probes through the Monitoring page does not violate multi-tenancy.
Follow these steps:
  1. Click the 
    portlet, select the
    page from the dropdown menu, and select the probe of interest.
  2. In the probe instance table that appears, click on an instance of the probe.
    The Admin Console GUI appears.
  3. View and change parameters as needed.
  4. Click the Template Editor button at the upper-right corner to open the editor.
The probe Template Editor functionality might not be turned on by default for all probes. If it does not appear in the probe configuration screen, turn it on in the probe's raw configuration settings.
For more detail on configuring the probes and applying monitoring with templates, see the probes documentation.