Deploy Admin Console to a Secondary Hub

The following items are requirements for deploying Admin Console:
The following items are requirements for deploying Admin Console:
  • Admin Console must be installed on a robot running hub 7.80 or later.
  • You can install Admin Console on a primary hub, but the primary hub must be running UIM 8.4 or later.
  • To be able to log in to Admin Console, wasp must be able to access the database for user authentication. This means that the port that is used by the UIM database must be unblocked on the secondary hub system.
Deploying Admin Console to a hub where UMP is deployed is not supported.
Deploy Admin Console
Use Infrastructure Manager or Admin Console to deploy Admin Console. Ensure that you perform the steps in the order shown. 
Follow these steps
  1. Update all instances of the automated_deployment_engine probe in your environment to version 8.45 or later.
  2. Verify that the following probes are present in the local archive:
    • wasp 8.40 or later
    • mps 8.41 or later
    • mpse 1.71 or later
    Download the above probes to the local archive if they are not already in the local archive. 
  3. Deploy the AdminConsole package to the target hub.
  4. Edit the wasp.cfg and update the probe address of the data_engine key as follows:
    The wasp probe defaults to HTTP port 80. To use a different port, edit the wasp.cfg and change the http_port key.
  5. Manually activate mpse on the target hub robot.
  6. Manually activate wasp on the target hub robot.
  7. (Optional) Deploy the ppm probe version 3.30 or later to all hubs where you want to be able to launch probe configuration GUIs.
  8. Launch Admin Console. Enter the following URL in a browser (this assumes that wasp is using the default HTTP port 80):
    Before you open Admin Console, close any browser windows where the original Admin Console is running.