Deploy Robots

After you have installed the following components:
After you have installed the following components:
  • The CA UIM database
  • The UIM Server
  • Any secondary hubs
  • UMP
You are ready to deploy robots to the systems you want to monitor. Robots manage the probes that collect monitoring data and perform other functions.
 For more information about how to upgrade existing robots to a secure state, see Secure Hub and Robot.
Robots can be installed individually or in bulk. The articles in this section explain the various methods for deploying robots and provide supporting information.
Deploy probes on a robot. Deploy high scale probes on a hub.
You can have many instances of the same probe in a UIM domain, but only one instance of a specific probe per robot.
To Install a single robot
, you can download the install package from the UIM Server web page to the client system, then execute the install package. You also can install a single robot by manually running one of the native installers.
To deploy robots in bulk
, you can use one of these methods:
  • XML and the automated_deployment_engine probe
  • XML and USM
  • A third-party tool
Note the following items before you begin robot deployment:
  • To install robots on remote sites, you can set up tunnels for secure communication. 
  • Use unique robot names within a UIM domain.
More information: