Resolved Issues

The following are the resolved issues in 9.0.2.
The following are the resolved issues in 9.0.2.
Account Admin
  • New users can be created in AccountAdmin when UMP is configured to use emailAddress authentication instead of screenName. Previously, new account contact users could not be created if the name of the user creating them used an email format (for example: [email protected]). (Support Case: 724991)
  • Fixed Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability in the UMP web application.  (Support Case: 01010822)
  • Fixed cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the standalone List Viewer (UMP). (Support Case: 01010813)
  • Fixed performance issues in the List Viewer portlets. (Support Case: 01107162)
  • Fixed display issues in the USM details tab. (Support Case: 01061215)
  • Fixed issue where CDM 6.30 displayed percentage for QoS Disk Free instead of MB. (Support Case :01100654)
  • Fixed issue where 'grayed out' or deleted systems appear in the USM. (Support Case :01092514)
  • Fixed an issue where physical memory usage on a process did not display unit type. (Support Case: 00993635)
  • Fixed a vulnerability issue with the wasp probe where the error message generated a 404 page. (Support Case: 01157454, 01186773)
  • CA UIM mobile app is available on Google Play. (Support Case: 01180713)
  • Fixed an issue where the Unified Reporter installer was stuck at the preparing distsrv section. (Support Case: 01171724)
  • Fixed an issue where the UMP server processors were consuming high CPU. (Support Case: 00944171)
  • Alarms are returned normally in USM alarm view when user tags are included in the filtering criteria. Previously, defining user tags in the alarm filter criteria would cause the filters to return no alarms. (Support Case: 673635)
  • Fields in an alarms view are labeled properly within added 'Assign to' and 'Assigned by' columns when selecting an empty field and clicking the sort toggle. (Support Case: 661867)
  • Dashboard alarm widget filters aimed at a USM datasource now recognize regex characters. This fix addresses the two different paths used to resolve regex patterns. (Support Case: 740322)
  • Dashboard Designer allows dashboards to be created even if the default dashboard has been deleted. If the default dashboard has been deleted, the default "None" allows the user to create and edit a new dashboard. (Support Case: 715124)
  • Dashboard Designer properly sorts columns in a list widget. Corrections address multiple behaviors in sorting and filtering column contents, including losing column entries and filtering on partial strings. (Support Case: 774668)
  • Dashboard Designer properly saves altered label colors in a pie chart. (Support Case: 793595)
  • Performance Reports Designer properly displays data gaps in stacked graphs containing missing data or null values. Prior to this correction, such gaps showed a spike to 0. (Support Case: 689375)
  • Performance Reports creates PDFs properly. Previously, a graph in a report that did not fit on the page caused an error that resulted in a PDF creation failure. Now, when graph elements extend beyond the page, another page is created automatically and the graph is shifted to the new page. (Support Case: 633214)
  • USM maintenance schedules retain their assigned descriptions on update. Previously, the description for a second maintenance schedule would default to the description for the first if the listed systems were identical but then updated. The issue involved the interface display and not the database entries. (Support Case: 758593)
  • USM supports configurations with over 500 filesystems. Previously, Flash would crash when the user opened a device details view in systems with over 500 filesystems. The wasp probe did not crash but the browser session required reopening. That condition no longer occurs. (Support Case: 750077)
  • Webservices_REST calls properly create groups and accounts in USM. (Support Case: 793637)
  • Duplicate Scheduled reports in the UMP are being delivered. (Support Case: 00801548)
  • Remove the alarm symbol and display the state on the Hypervisor dashlet in Citrix Dashboards. (Support Case: 00823314)
  • You can select the & in a name from the portlet preferences; however, the SLA does not display as it omits all characters after the ampersand. (Support Case: 672645)
  • Scroll bars appear in the PDF that contain QoS details. (Support Case: 00660563)
  • Duplicate information about interface details (bitsin / bitsout) after you integrate with CANFA. (Support Case: 00829962)
  • UIM Citrix Dashboard: Broker session dashboard not working with German locale (Support Case: 00823314).
  • Fixed an issue where the grayed out systems in USM keep returning (Support Case: 01092514).
  • Fixed an issue where the memory usage graph on a process does not show unit type (Support Case: 00993635).
  • Fixed an issue where the server details display a gray/black window (Support Case: 01061215).
  • Fixed an issue where the metrics displayed incorrect values in USM (Support Case: 01100654, 01102286).
  • Fixed an issue where the UMP wasp does not start after update from security patch 9.01 (Support Case: 01189370).
  • Fixed an issue where the web application is vulnerable to Cross-Site Request Forgery (Support Case: 01010822).
  • Fixed an issue where the data for servers was not getting displayed in the server dashboard (Support Case: 00984451). 
  • Fixed an issue where the Infrastructure Manager was extremely slow and not responding (Support Case:  01195384).
  • Fixed an issue where the Admin Console displayed a 'Page not found Error' after upgrading from 8.5.1 to 9.0.1 EA. (Support Case: 01182767)
  • The SLM portlet operating period defaults to 00:00 - 24.00. (Support Case: 00814897)
  • Fixed an issue where the gauge number color doesnt change after update (Support Case: 00874091).
  • Vulnerability Scan has detected several vulnerabilities in Administration Console and CABI. (Support Case: 00832483)
  • Fixed issue where the Summary dashboard in a Unified CABI implementation displays an "Unexplained Error...". (Support Case: 01173679)
  • Fixed an issue where you cannot use CABI UIM Metrics Topic on the shared CABI environment. (Support Case: 01190739)
  • Fixed an issue where CABI data is reset at regular intervals resulting in incorrect data. (Support Case: 01096201)
  • Fixed an issue where reports and dashboards do not run as expected after integration with UIM. (Support Case: 01171724)
  • Fixed an issue where the cabi portlet in ump was not connecting to the CABI server. (Support Case: 01122195)
  • Fixed issues with the Circle Dashboards which display trimmed edges after upgrading from UIM 8.4 to UIM 8.5.1 SP1. (Support Case: 00986983)
  • Fixed an issue with the CABI Top N Report. (Support Case: 01108611)
  • Fixed an issue where the cabi_external probe fails to connect to the sql server. (Support Case: 01062796)
  • Fixed an issue where the cabi_external 3.20 probe fails to open from the UMP after upgrading from UIM 8.5.1 to UIM 8.5.3. (Support Case: 01192717)
  • Fixed an issue where the UIM dashboards do not display any data from the external unified CABI (Support Case: 01151023).
  • Fixed an issue where the CABI Unified Dashboards did not open (Support Case: 01095133).
  • Fixed an issue where the SAP reports in CABI do not display (Support Case: 01095083).
  • Fixed an issue where Unified CABI 6.3 JRS installation gets stuck at 13% and does not complete (Support Case: 01138298).
  • Fixed an issue where after resolving the cabi_external issue, the UIM datasource and UIM JNDI connection are both failing (Support Case: 01097831).
  • EMS no longer returns a NullPointerException when an alarm id is given in the close alarms call but that alarm id no longer exists.
  • Corrected an issue in which a webservices_REST alarms call returned the same time for both 
    . The call now returns the correct timestamp for each parameter. (Support Case: 715331)
  • Corrected behavior so that the EMS configuration setting Enable UIM DB Alarm Sync remains selected after a page refresh in the configuration window. (Support Case: 751590)
  • The webservices_REST calls now support regular expressions on alarm filters. (Support Case: 738122)
  • During increased concurrent activity in UMP and UIM, EMS alarm requests are sent rather than backed up in the queue.
  • Corrected misspelled pathnames in the UIM installer that prevented EMS from starting. (Support Case: 739367)
  • Fixed an issue in which, when UIM is installed in a path that contains 
     instead of 
     (for example: 
    ), EMS failed to start. (Support Case: 00739367)
  • Fixed an issue in which files and directories in 
     were not deleted per the retention schedule. (Support Case: 00728785)
  • Fixed an issue in which no alerts were getting received from CA UIM to CA Spectrum. (Support Case: 1170932)
  • Fixed an issue where after migrating the environment to new CA UIM Server using spectrumgtw 8.65 hf2, the inventory was getting populated but CA UIM alarms were not coming to CA Spectrum. (Support Case: 1086574)
  • Fixed an issue in which after integrating CA Spectrum and CA UIM, alerts from CA Spectrum were not getting cleared in UMP. (Support case: 964972)
  • Fixed an issue in which CA UIM alarms were not getting synchronized in CA Spectrum. (Support Case: 01131367)
  • The file has a token that is not translated into Portuguese. (Support Case: 00638668)
  • Fixed an issue where Admin Console was displaying incorrect build in Archive. (Support Case: 01184935)
  • Fixed an issue where ade on CentOS was failing to run the rpm command on the secondary hub. (Support Case: 01143504)
  • Fixed an issue in which Windows 2003 robot deployment was not completing. (Support Case: 01135458)
  • Fixed an issue where robot deployment, using the deployment_engine api, to a server on which users needed to use sudo was failing. (Support Case: 1135459)
  • URL encoding not working with webservices_rest 8.5.1 HF3. (Support Case: 00834469)
  • Fixed an issue in which when users were trying to collect QoS data through the REST APIs for specific interfaces, they were receiving a 500 error on any target with 
     in it. (Support Case: 1098888)
  • Fixed an issue where no alarms get generated after filtering (Support Case: 01092785).
  • The probe was failiing to collect data from the Windows boxes (Support Case: 01100666).
  • The default queue bulk size no longer changes to 1 when other changes are made to the queue. (Support Case 797687)
  • (7.93HF1) When the LDAP server is down and you restart the hub, the hub starts responding quickly; it no longer remains unresponsive. (Support Case 831283)
  • Fixed an issue in which qos_processor was intermittently failing to delete the queue properly, (Support Case: 00815516)
  • Corrected an issue in which hub was not closing the spooler connections. There were several open connections from spoolers on the hub that were not getting closed. (Support Cases: 00750385 and 00803374)
  • Fixed an issue where USM was ignoring the severity of hub alarms. The alarms were showing up under hub in USM; however, the severity icon was not changing for these alarms to reflect the correct severity. With this fix, USM no longer ignores the severity of hub alarms; it now displays the correct severity icon for them. (Support Case 01115256)
  • Fixed an issue where access to the admin console outside the primary hub server resulted in a HTTP status 408 error. (Support Case: 01195550)
  • Increased the number of connections opened to Oracle, improving startup time and performance. (Support Case: 818890)
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft SQL Server was consuming 100% CPU and memory. (Support Case: 953750)
  • Fixed an issue related to security vulnerabilities in  data_engine, distsrv, and ppm encryption. (Support Case: 1096152)
  • Discovery has improved robustness in hub/robot scanning to add inventory more quickly in large environments. (Support Case: 717825)
  • Discovery better handles niscache devices with 
     as the hostname or with a loopback IP address. (Support Case:701740)
  • discovery_server's queue processing logic has been optimized to quickly process the probeDiscovery queue. (Support case: 00969912)
  • The nas probe now starts when a regular expression approaches the 2048-character limit. (Support Case: 802892)
  • Fixed the issue where alarm enrichment pre-population was failing. (Support Case: 908622)
  • Fixed an issue where if the user has created an AO rule with severity level clear and alarm is acknowledged the rule gets executed once only (Support Case: 01166304).
  • Fixed the issue where alarms get updated with the latest user tags when an existing alarm gets updated (Support Case: 01007335).
  • Fixed the issue where the segmentation faults when using MySql database (Support Case: 00859241).
  • Fixed the issue where the subject and message body field will be enabled in case of OnTrigger action only (Support Case: 00975379).
  • Alarm enrichment will now not lose data of existing alarms on configuration change (Support Case: 01070513).
  • Added new configuration key to configure maintenance timeout value (Support Cases: 00919393, 00984671, 00973941, 01083235 ).
  • Fixed the socket descriptor leakage in NAS (Support Cases: 00952648, 00946777).
  • Custom fields will not have nimids on new alarm (Support Case: 01092682).
  • Fixed an issue where the AO rules get executed on time irrespective of nas restarts (Support Cases: 00957991, 00937437, 00852601).
  • Fixed an issue where alarms were coming through even though host are set up for maintenance (Support Case: 00984671).
  • Fixed an issue where the auto-operator profiles are not firing when expected, but firing instead upon NAS restart (Support Case: 01142605).
  • Fixed an issue where UMP was forever loading alarms (Support Case: 01149623).
  • Corrected cases in which snmpcollector appeared to be publishing incomplete data during failed/incomplete discoveries. (Support Case: 793010)ds
  • Multiple issues faced while configuring BGP trap monitoring
     (Support case number 894988)
  • Notifications are now filtered by origins so that account users see only notifications for their origins. Also, push notification certificates for iOS devices are updated. (Support Cases: 692613 and 798565)
  • Fixed an issue where the aws probe configuration UI (in Admin Console) was opening after a considerable amount of time. This problem was occurring because of the issue in the mpse component. (Support Case: 00780867)
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to create monitoring profiles using MCS or to discover applications. (Support Case: 00897947)
  • Fixed an issue where the distsrv probe was not responding while deploying other probes. (Support Case: 1089410)
  • Fixed an issue related to security vulnerabilities in  data_engine, distsrv, and ppm encryption. (Support Case: 1096152)
  • The maintenance schedule among different servers no longer goes out of sync after incorporating Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes. (Support Case: 00245759)
  • After DST changes, Western Australia schedules windows is not synchronized. It still shows only 2 hours difference instead of 3. (Support Case: 00879457)
  • Added the MAINTENANCE_WINDOW purge task, where the MAINTENANCE_WINDOW entries are purged when the corresponding MAINTENANCE_SCHEDULE is deleted. (Support Case: 01184935)
  • Fixed an issue where hub was accepting invalid names in routing caches. For example, robot with a corrupted name. (Support Case: 00711437)
  • Fixed an issue in which remote robot deployment was not working. This issue was occurring when users were trying to deploy the robot by using the XML file import. (Support Case: 00856372)
  • Fixed an issue for Linux where controller was changing the permission of the "Nimsoft\bin" folder executable from "-rwxr-xr-x" to "-rwx------". (Support Case: 01139080)
  • Fixed an issue to remove unwanted characters from PATH. (Support case: 00974930)
  • Fixed an issue to support robot for Ubuntu18, PPC64, and PPC64le for Suse12 SP3. (Support case: 01184423)
  • Provided a Linux version of nimqos. (Support Case: 1124603)
  • Fixed an issue where robots installed through rpm on SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Server 64 bit were unable to find the robots IP address. Because of this reason, all probes were failing to start. (Support Case: 1105769)
  • Fixed an issue related to security vulnerabilities in  data_engine, distsrv, and ppm encryption. (Support Case: 1096152)
  • Fixed an issue in which the MCS web services were not allowing creation of profiles when a template was using a reference device. Also, fixed another MCS web services issue where adding a device-level profile at a group level was not working. (Support Cases: 00866882, 00965630, 00934729, 00992064, and 01212739)
  • Fixed an issue in which migration was failing from an older version of the template to a newer version. (Support Cases: 00835120, 01004774, 01002860, 00977080, and 01189527)
  • Fixed an issue in which the application discovery profile was not getting created or deployed. (Support Cases: 00944919 and 00780254)
  • Fixed an issue in which users were getting a Null pointer error when they were trying to update an MCS profile for a process monitor. (Support Case: 01096147)
  • Fixed an issue where some MCS profiles were getting locked and users were unable to modify or save changes. (Support Case: 00850433)
  • Fixed an issue where alarms from MCS were missing expected information. (Support Case: 01115074)
  • Fixed an issue in which users were getting the following error and MCS was not deploying all profiles: (Support Case: 1169027)
    This concerns the MCS-102 messages:
    2018-07-02 16:19:26,117 ERROR [ProfileController:15] ProfileController.rollbackSave:1714: Encountered error: The {0} has reached the allowed maximum count of profiles for template {1} [MCS-102] while saving profile name: 'Default Disk(s)' with profile id: 'null' for device id: 27579. 
    com.nimsoft.selfservice.exceptions.InvalidProfileException: [MCS-102] The device with device_id 2247 has reached the allowed maximum count of profiles for template 38, The {0} has reached the allowed maximum count of profiles for template {1} [MCS-102], MCS-102 
  • Fixed an issue in which after applying the 9.2.0 to CA UIM 8.51 installation, the mon_config_service probe was stopping. (Support Case: 1139629)
  • Fixed an issue where MCS was not working using distsrv. (Support Case: 986946)
  • Fixed an issue in which users were setting up CA UIM (8.5.1) and UMP (8.5.1). They were defining some profile types based on different groups in USM. However, they observed some profiles that had not been applied to robots. They were also receiving the following error in mon_config_service log: (Support Cases: 1132817 and 985938)
    [MCS-102] The device with device_id 1386 has reached the allowed maximum count of profiles for template 72.
  • Fixed an issue in which users were not able to export MCS profiles because of version mismatch between CA UIM and MCS. (Support Case: 1127928)
  • Fixed an issue in which some of the MCS profiles were returning an error when users were trying to open them for reconfiguration. (Support Case: 1120023)
  • Fixed an issue where AD MCS configuration is not working (Support Case: 01169335). 
  • Fixed an issue where a user was receiving an error when the user was trying to install robot Linux PPC64. (Support Case: 00884870)
  • Fixed an issue to support robot for Ubuntu18, PPC64, and PPC64le for SUSE12 SP3. (Support Case: 01184423)
  • Fixed an issue in which nimldr was not acknowledging the failed installation. For example, in the process of using nimldr 7.9 to install to an Ubuntu 18 computer, it was appearing that the installation was successful. However, the log was showing that the installation was not successful.
  • The REST call to Add an ACL by Copying an Existing ACL is taking 40 - 80 seconds to complete when specifying ldapGroupName. (Support Case: 277453)
  • Fixed an issue related to wasp vulnerability. (Support Case: 1010818)
  • Fixed an issue where the change default error 404 was displayed on wasp (Support Case: 01157454).
  • sla_engine sends unexpected alarm for breached SLA when there is no current data from the calculated SLO outside the operating period defined in SLM (Support Case: 00867812). 
  • SLA reports not showing breach when an operating period with the time specified between 00:00 - 24:00 and it is working correctly when operating period is 
    (Support Case: 00895012).
  • Fixed an issue in which the SLA reports were not showing the correct current period. It was showing the last month instead of the current month. (Support Case: 1110842)
  • Fixed an issue in which SLA system was not calculating the history. (Support Case: 01086574)
  • Fixed an issue where errors occur when hadoop_monitor probe updates inventory (Support Case: 00856698).
  • Fixed an issue where for two monitors the Oracle configuration shows "the space is intentionally left blank" -  asm_disk_group_used_space and asm_disk_group_used_space_percent (Support Case: 01110441)
  • Bogus alarms are coming from an SDK shared by the following set of probes: nutanix_monitor, azure, office365 (Support Case: 00990116).