Working with Development Tools

Includes development tools to help developers create and manage CA UIM components.
Development tools are available to help developers create and manage CA UIM components such as UMP portlets and probes. Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are available for several different programming languages.
The CA UIM .NET API is developed using Microsoft .NET version 2.0. Classes in the .NET API can be instantiated or inherited by any CLI compliant language, such as C#, Visual Basic .NET, and C++/CLI. The .NET API contains classes for sending alarms and QoS data, making it easy to develop .NET applications that communicate with CA UIM. 
The C SDK allows you to create and modify QoS and alarm messages using the C programming language.
Java SDK
The Java SDK provides classes and methods to modify QoS and alarm messages using the Java programming language.
nas Extensions to Lua
You can use the nas script editor to create and edit scripts using the Lua scripting language. These scripts can be selected to be used by the Auto Operator when processing alarm messages matching the criteria defined for the Auto Operator profile. Scripts can also be run by the Scheduler.
For more information, see the nas documentation on the Probes Documentation Space.
Perl SDK
The Perl SDK allows you to build everything from scripts generating simple alarms to powerful client/server solutions. The Perl SDK modules wrap the Message Bus API functions, making it easier to develop CA UIM probes using Perl. 
Probe Software Developer Kit Guide
Probe Software Developer Kit Guide is for developers who want to create a monitoring probe that is configurable using Admin Console.See the Probe Software Developer Kit section on the CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes site for more information.
RESTful Web Service
You can use the RESTful web service interface for CA UIM to access your UIM installation using REST-based web service calls. The RESTful web services are deployed using the uimapi and webservices_rest probe packages. We recommend that you use the RESTful web services that the uimapi probe package provides, because it includes the modern Swagger documentation and endpoints to work with the APIs. It encapsulates improvements made over webservices_rest.
For more information, see the Probe Development Tools section of the Probes Documentation Space.