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Layer7 API Management Overview

Describes the Layer7 API Management ecosystem and provides a high-level introduction to its related products and components.

API Gateway

Secure and govern APIs with an API Gateway.

API Developer Portal

Manage APIs, proxies, and API discovery within a developer portal.

API Management OAuth Toolkit

Enhance the protection of your APIs and resources with the Layer7 OAuth server solution and toolkit.

Mobile API Gateway

Build best-in-class apps with a mobile gateway.

API Gateway Policy Plugin

Optimize a GitOps-centric continuous integration and continuous development workflow.

Precision API Monitoring

Gain detailed visibility into the performance of critical APIs and microservices.

Rapid App Security

A multi-channel authentication solution, that provides a security framework across all channels (Mobile, Web, and Internet of Things).

Mobile SDK for CA Mobile API Gateway

Manage data exposed through APIs to mobile developers and apps.

API Gateway Enterprise Service Manager

Use a Web browser to manage CA API Gateway clusters spread across a wide geographical area.

API Management AWS Solution Kit

Consume AWS Lambda functions and connect to S3 repositories using the Layer7 API Gateway.

API Gateway XML VPN Client

Enable fast and flexible partner or portal connectivity in XML and web services environments.

Live API Creator

Create APIs and microservices for integration of data and applications.

API Management SaaS

API Management as a solution.

API Portal Legacy

Publish APIs, manage developers, and perform analytics.


Secure and manage traffic with a microservice gateway.