Configure Your DNS Server

To access the aan, configure the hostname resolution on your corporate DNS server.
To access the 
API Portal
, configure the hostname resolution on your corporate DNS server.
The hostnames must match the values you enter for PORTAL_DOMAIN during installation. 
The following examples use  as the PORTAL_DOMAIN
The PORTAL_TENANT_ID value observes the following restrictions:
  • No hyphens
  • No special characters
  • Lowercase characters only
  • 13 characters maximum
The default value of 'apim' is strongly recommended.
API Portal
 requires the following hostnames to be resolvable:
The APIM internal tenant web page that contains the Portal API.
The PORTAL_TENANT_ID and PORTAL_DOMAIN are combined to form the URL that is used to access the API Developer Portal.
The APIM tenant Gateway that contains the externally facing Portal APIs.
The analytics endpoint that the tenant Gateway sends the analytic data to.
The broker’s endpoint used by the federated deployment.
The enrollment endpoint. Gateway, with the associated enrollment token access this endpoint to register itself with the portal
The SSO endpoint references the public routes exposed by the PSSG container (analytics, enroll, and SSO), particularly SSO.
<subdomain>9443/portalAuth/sso/validateSaml endpoint
The endpoint to synchronize APIs, applications, and account plans between the Portal and its managed Gateways.
Edit Hosts File for Local Access
Work with your network administrator to make the required changes. In a development environment, it may not be ideal to create a DNS record if the application instance is meant to be temporary. In this case, you can edit the
 file to point to the host serving the API Portal from the system you want to access it from. 
Follow these steps:
  1. Obtain the IP for the system running the API Portal.
  2. On the system that you want to access API Portal, open and edit the
    • On Windows, the file is located in
    • On Linux or MacOS, the file is located in 
  3. Add the following entry in the host file. Substitute
    with the IP to your instance and
    This hosts entry must be added to any system requesting to access the API Portal without a DNS server.