Analytics Dashboard

This section describes viewing and generating analytics on your CA API Portal.
This section describes viewing and generating analytics on your CA API Portal.
The Real-Time Analytics page visualizes metrics data for the API Portal that is stored in CA Jarvis. Available metrics are:
  • API hits
  • Application hits
  • Average API latency
  • Errors
If you enable Jarvis integration after creating a tenant, the Analytics dashboard page may be shown as blank for that tenant until you hit your first APIs.
To access 
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CA Jarvis Dashboard
 tab (selected by default) lets you retrieve numeric data and generate related graphs for a given time period. Numeric data are visualized through viewlets. Dashboards can contain many viewlets.  A viewlet can be associated with multiple dashboards, and a user can create many dashboards. Dashboards are private to the creators of the dashboard.
Retrieving Numeric Data
The following kinds of numeric data can be retrieved:
  • API Hits
  • Application Hits
  • Average API Latency
  • Error Rate
APIs and Apps
 let you generate graphs for API and application traffic, respectively. 
Generate graphs for error rate that are based on the following criteria over a specified time period to analyze the errors:
  • Trends of error rates
  • Service error codes
  • HTTP method errors
Generate graphs of the maximum, average, or minimum latency metrics for APIs and applications. You can generate the following latency graphs:
  • Latency Trend
  • Latency By Hour of Day
  • Latency By Day of Week
Viewlets and Masthead
For more information on using Jarvis components, including user interface, viewlets and masthead, see CA Jarvis documentation.