View and Choose API Plans

As an OrgAdmin or Developer, you can select appropriate API Plans to limit individual API consumptions within your Applications.This section describes how an organization developer can:
  • View the details for the API Plan (such as a description, and rate and quota limits). 
  • Choose an API Plan for visible APIs.
Permissions for Assigning API Plans 
By default, OrgAdmin and Developer can update Applications to use different APIs and API Plans. OrgAdmin is also authorized to create new Applications.
If the Portal Admin or API Owner has enabled Request Settings workflow, you can still update Applications but the change will be pending as per Admin or API Owner's approval.
Assigning API Plans 
To select an API Plan to an Application:
  1. On the Dashboard, select 
  2. Select 
    . The Applications page opens.
  3. In the 
     menu, select 
    . The Edit Application page opens.
  4. Select the 
    API Management 
    tab. A list of API Plans is displayed on this page. The details for each API Plan (Description, Quota, and Rate Limit) are provided so you can make an informed decision when choosing the API Plan.
  5. Select the API Plan you want to subscribe to.
To add an API Plan to an application from the Developer Console:
  1. On the Dashboard, select 
  2. Select 
    View All APIs
  3. Select the API for the organization.
  4. Select 
    Use API in App
    . A list of available applications that you can add the API to are displayed.
  5. Select the application.
  6. When the EULA pop-up window opens, accept the terms and conditions. The Select an API Plan pop-up window opens, displaying the details for each API Plan.
  7. Select the API Plan, and then select 
    . The App details page opens where you can view the newly added API as a tile and the API Plan information on the API tile.