Install and Configure API Portal

You can install CA API Developer Portal (API Portal) with or without internet access:
You can install CA API Developer Portal (API Portal) with or without internet access:
  • When installing with internet access (online), the images are downloaded from
  • When installing without internet access (offline), the images are packed and require a minimum of 5 GB of disk space to download.
This article contains the following information:
Before You Begin
Before installing, ensure that you have met the following prerequisites:
If you are performing online installation and using a proxy to download the API Portal image, ensure that you follow the steps that are listed in Docker HTTP/HTTPS proxy documentation.
Prepare for Offline Installation
This section describes the preparations that you need to install API Portal when there is no internet connection. To facilitate the install, a built-in
user account is already set up if you are using the CA hardened OVA.
To prepare for offline installation:
  1. Install static binaries for your version of Docker. See Hardware and Software Requirements for compatible versions.
  2. Access your
    file and add
    to the end of your local hosts line: localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4
    Adding these URLs to your hosts file avoids long timeouts during the Docker import process.
Install and Configure API Portal
Use the following procedure to install in either an online or offline environment.
To install and configure CA API Developer Portal:
  1. Extract the installation package:
    sudo tar zxvf apim-portal-
  2. Change the working directory to the portal installation directory:
    cd apim-portal-
  3. Run the
    sudo ./
  4. At the prompts, provide your configuration details for the following parameters:
    The domain that is serving the traffic. The PORTAL_TENANT_ID and PORTAL_DOMAIN are combined to form the URL that is used to access the API Developer Portal.
    If the PORTAL_TENANT_ID is apim and the PORTAL_DOMAIN is, the API Developer Portal URL will be
    The absolute path to the license file.
    For example: /root/LICENSE.xml
    The email address that is used when sending notification emails.
    Option to enable or disable Analytics Engine as part of the installation. Type
    for yes or
    for no.
    The following code uses example values.
    APIM Portal configuration PORTAL_DOMAIN: PORTAL_LICENSE_FILENAME: /root/LICENSE.xml PORTAL_ENROLL_NOTIFICATION_EMAIL: [email protected] PORTAL_ENABLE_ANALYTICS: y Do you want to keep these settings? [Y/n]: y Done.
  5. Confirm. Type
    to save your configuration.
Next Step: Telemetry
Perform this step before starting your Portal: