Manage API Plans

Manage API Plans
This section describes the concept of API Plans and provides examples of single and multiple API Plan scenarios.
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For information on creating, updating, and deleting API Plans, see Working with API Plans.
API Plans Overview 
API Plans control the rates at which your applications can access individual APIs, both private and public.The Administrator or API Owner creates, edits, and deletes API Plans. For more information, see Working with API Plans. The Admin, API Owner, OrgAdmin, or Developer can then:
  • View the details for the API Plan (such as a description and rate and quota limits).
  • Choose an API Plan for APIs that their application subscribes to.
For more information, see View and Choose API Plans.
Administrators manage the visibility of APIs on an Organization level. For more information, see Create and Set Permissions for APIs.
 Before you create API Plans, ensure the following:
  • You are running the following product versions or higher:
    • Gateway 9.3
    • OTK 4.3.1
    • Portal Release 4.3.2
  • There are no active API Groups on any Applications.
  • The Portal Administrator has turned on API Plans for the tenant on the API Plans page. 
Use Cases
Unlike Account Plans, which allow an organization to follow only one Account Plan, you can choose multiple API Plans for the same organization. The following examples highlight the different use cases from single and multiple API Plan scenarios. 
Single API Plan Scenario 
Multiple API Plan Scenario